Did you ever have a smelly substance between your leg and your ball?

Try hydrogen peroxide, but wash it off quick or it will burn.

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13 Responses to Did you ever have a smelly substance between your leg and your ball?

  1. JLK says:

    Not personally. It is “smegma” or in layman’s terms, “ball cheese”. Soap and water should do the trick.

    • TonyMillion says:

      Soap and water may remove the cheese, but not the slimy snail residue. Hydrogen peroxide will do it. Also good for de-skunking dogs.

  2. try jock itch creme or atheletes foot cream (pretty much the same anti-fungal).

  3. actually it is hydrogen peroxide that is watered down. look at the concentration on the side of the bottle. the rest is water. I worked with 90% HP in the chemical factory — never put that on your balls! it would make them sizzle then fall off.

  4. Ricky says:

    Others have mentioned it but by then it’s too late!

  5. itza says:

    While you guys are at it, go ahead and put some on the ol’ ball hairs. Girls will appreciate the lovely highlights!

  6. Boil two bottles of burma shave, let cool until steam stops. Use family basting brush to bathe balls.

  7. asfiozudbf says:


  8. that2guy says:

    I’ve always found that a pre-scrape of the material is quite productive before applying any form of pesticide. It is statistically efficient to remove the bulk of the populations of Left & Right ‘Crackworlds’ with a catastrophic mass extinction event before delivering the coup d’grace with a radical environmental change. This clears the stage for new & more exotic species to arise via natural selection over time.

  9. John Brooks says:

    Vodka can be effective, but do not attempt to reuse for consumption by collecting runoff.

  10. Reece jenkins says:

    I absolutely love the smell of it. I sniff it all day long, its like rotten cheddar cheese :D

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