NEW Maakies Nov 16

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  1. that2guy says:

    ZING!!! Yes!!! Love it!!!

    You captured the drooling, obnoxious imbecility of the Tea Party with photographic clarity; well done!

  2. StJason says:

    Ha! During the ‘massive’ rally in DC, I turned to my wife and said ‘I bet there are some re-enactors getting pissed right about now’.

  3. Ha ha! Indeed, photographic clarity!

  4. John M. says:

    Hail the Separation of Church and Satan!

    Some bayonet impalings would have been nice. After all, you can’t spell “impaling” without “Palin.”

  5. Ricky says:

    I appreciate the top strip but it’s the bottom on that really speaks to me.

    • JLK says:

      I like the top strip because it’s so beautifully detailed! There’s so much going on! I love the way you draw stripes Tony,on flags,cats or otherwise. The bottom strip really speaks to me as well. My best girlfriend in college, bless her heart, would stand outside my dorm shower wherein I would be puking my f**king wet,miserable guts out and ask me if I was “okay” or if I wanted her to “do anything for me”. It was SO annoying, yet endearing.

  6. Palin should be singled out for some of the some of the sorts of punishments that were reserved for women alone during Revolutionary War times — for instance, a tax should be levied upon her for which she has no representation!

  7. Archangel of War says:

    Maakies jumps the shark. Never thought I’d see that. What a shame. Elitist bigot.

    • TonyMillion says:

      Don’t tread on me, Archangel of War! “Elitist bigot” is a confounding term. If you consider me an elitist, then that means that you think I’m somehow better than you. It’s a self-imposed put-down. But then you call me a bigot which gives your remark the nail of truth, because I am bigoted against you, in that I do think I’m better than you.

      • Archangel of War says:

        “If you consider me an elitist, then that means that you think I’m somehow better than you”–eh? No. Nothing to do with you and me. I was referring to your elitism regarding the millions of people who comprise the “Tea Party”. I do appreciate your willingness to self-identify as a bigot. You believe you are “better” than me, and yet you know nothing about me. So let me amend my phrase: IGNORANT elitist bigot.

        • Ihmini says:

          You come in bearing a name from the Old Testament, sympathize a conservative political movement that is being ridiculed and bluntly lash out at the source of the ridicule. And when you are confronted, you become a martyr. There’s nothing more worth knowing, really.

          • TonyMillion says:

            I think St. Michael has a point. He’s defending the opinions of millions of people. They just happen to be stupid, angry white people, duped by smarter people. I think even Bachman and Christie McNicholl are duped (although she was adorable in “Family), but Sarah knows what she’s doing. She’s no genius, but she’s in on the dupery.

          • Archangel of War says:

            Martyr? Archangels are immortal; they cannot be martyred. And your stated preference for know-nothingness is duly noted.

          • Ihmini says:

            Ah, it pains me to be misunderstood so. What I meant with my comment about things worth knowing was that all information that is crucial in this situation is already in our possession.
            Of course, one could argue that we do not know what things we do not know, and therefore cannot be certain whether those things are important or not. But I consider such argument as valid as a claim that we cannot make forecasts about tomorrow’s weather if we do not know the exact position of planet Saturn in relation to Sun.

        • TonyMillion says:

          You have to admit, the Tea Party Freaks are coming off as kooks, right? They make no point at all that doesn’t contradict itself. Their flag should be the snake swallowing its own tail.

          • Archangel of War says:

            I can look either left or right and find people who all-too-eagerly embrace the idea that people on the other side of a political fence are either evil or are duped. Your inability to understand that people can have principled arguments for political positions you don’t agree with is your failure of imagination. Life is not a cartoon.

        • TonyMillion says:

          Know why people don’t want to talk to you? Because eeew, teabagger…

    • chadd says:

      it’s better than i, not better than “me.” COME ON, GUYS!!!

  8. I am usually with the amazing Mr. Millionaire and I strongly support his opinions, but I don’t get why people fuck the language by calling Palin or the Tea Party freaks Fascist. Fascists are serious people who do a lot of killing, and if you want to know what they are, look at NAZIs and Italian fascists, or the Aryan brotherhood. I guess Bill Clinton fucked the language real good when he fucked Monica and then said he didn’t, loosening the bolts of meaning. Why not call Palin what she actually is? Let’s reserve the important word, “Fascist”, for someone who is really a fascist. Otherwise we might into a wolf crying situation.

    • TonyMillion says:

      Ross, I would never call someone a Fascist unless he or she said, “I am a Fascist.” I haven’t seen that happen in a long time. I like your term “Tea Party Freak.” I really loved dressing up like a minuteman when I was a kid and I like drawing them in my comics, but I would never fuck my slave like a Founding Father and I would never walk around with an automatic gun in my holster carrying a flag that says, “Don’t tread on me.” The proper gun for that flag would be a musket or even a pitchfork. The sense of history that these douchebags have is appalling.

      • TonyMillion says:

        And let’s please drop the term, “Jump the shark.” It’s gotten to the point where Tea Party Freaks are using it where it doesn’t apply. “Jump the shark,” doesn’t have anything to do with discovering that your beloved Maakies characters don’t like your inane politics, it means that the quality of the feature has become as dull and thoughtless as the time the Fonz jumped over the shark.

        • John M. says:

          From what I understand, now-cliched term “jump the shark” means that creators of a TV show or other endevor have completely run out of ideas and need to resort to ridiculous extremes to invent situations for worn-out characters.
          According to this month’s Harper’s Index, 181 episodes of “Happy Days” were aired AFTER the shark-jumping episode

          • John M. says:

            And again, sorry for the typos. Can’t see the end of long comment lines in the comment form,
            probably due to the outdated browser on my work computer.

          • John M. says:

            You know, maybe the term “jump the shark” is ITSELF so worn out that people need to resort to extremes to use it in a fresh context. Maybe “jump the shark” has jumped the shark.
            “Wow, Bill, you really jumped the shark when you failed to measure that piece of granite for our client’s countertop!”
            “Well, Percy, if you had not jumped the shark by severely underbidding the entire project, I would not have been so limited in the time available to me for installing the countertop!”
            “Bill, if you don’t quit jumping the shark at me you will have to jump the shark at a new job!”
            “Go jump the shark yourself!”

          • John M. says:

            Correction to Harper’s figure above: 164. One hundred sixty four episodes of Happy Days written and aired after they had run out of all reasonable ideas.

          • TonyMillion says:

            I loved the episodes when Fonzie got the job at the granite counter manufactory. “No leather jackets here, Fonz, that is shark-jumpery!” says old man Percy.

  9. Paul MacDonald says:

    ‘Jump the shark” mm, damn ! I had better get round to down loading the urban dictionary!

  10. Tom, I think you know the habit to which I am referring — Tea Party freaks are often called fascists, Sarah Palin is called fascist, again and again, you say you have never “seen” this, well, then you just haven’t been paying attention–again.

    • TonyMillion says:

      Ross, go back and read what I said. You’re skimming again. Besides, everyone knows that Obama is the Fascist. Didn’t you see that photo of him with the Danny Hellman moustache?

    • Jerry Pine says:

      Mr. Ross, why do you persist in arguing with a great cartoonist? Your comments are a waste of my reading time. I am insulted at your misrepresentation of the facts. Please go and do something that doesn’t bother me anymore.

      By the way, fascism is the marriage of corporations with government. We are further along that road than you seem to appreciate.

      • TonyMillion says:

        Jerry, you’re right about that in the original Italian use of the word. It has come to mean other things since then. I read dictionaries all the time so I don’t make mistakes so much. But I can’t remember names.

  11. You are right, I shouldn’t argue with Tony, he keeps sending his wife after me like some kind of bulldog.

  12. One last comment — I really think you would fuck your slaves Tom.

    • TonyMillion says:

      I can’t argue with you Ross, but I would seduce them, never force them. Well, actually being in a position of power that intense, suduction is force.
      Mmmm….. yeah, I’d probably go for it.

  13. Becky threatened me last night for picking on her husband. I am afraid of Becky — she likes to fight with a hot po’boy sandwich in her hand. A hot left hook from Becky can mean 2nd and 3rd degree burns, plus the explosion of hot onions and mayo can ruin your clothes. If she gets really mad she might hit you with the contents of one of those Turkey frying devices, since it is around Thanksgiving.

  14. But the left is full of cuckoos, too — “Truther” nut-jobs. Its too bad some of those “Truthers” don’t read the many prize winning books on the subject of WTC and the Pentagon and United 93, instead of watching filthy internet videos.

    Last year I went to the United 93 crash site. Anybody who goes there will immediately understand what happened.

    And unless I am wrong about it, there seem to be far more of these “Truthers” on the left than on the other side. I would also say that “Truthers” are FAR WORSE than tea party freaks. “Truthers” are so uneducated that they actually could be classed as mentally ill, and not just freaks.

    • that2guy says:

      Sadly, I agree. They are just as blinded by fear and hate as their extremist counterparts on the right; they merely direct their reactions elsewhere.

      There’s no doubt that the entire country was deeply traumatized by 9/11. Sometimes I wonder if there is widespread PTSD that just won’t ever go away in the minds of tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of people in the US. That MIGHT explain some of the escalating extremism, or at least the growing widespread irrational tendency for people to lend so many loony “theories” credence.

    • TonyMillion says:

      Ha ha, Ross you are funny. I asked Pearl today why she was kicking Phoebe, she said, “She did it worse!”

    • TonyMillion says:

      Ross, what about Flat-Earthers?

  15. Paul MacDonald says:

    The blunt truth? o k Jerry pine is an ass kisser ” don’t argue with a great cartoonist” jesus! tony what do we do when we wake up to the fact there is no god, and death is just snapping off a light switch? do we need something to be conscious of to experience consciousness? jerry you are FANBOY !!!! with a big ‘f’ on your chest!

  16. Paul MacDonald says:

    Tony, if you ever get tired of maakies or want a change, do like Crumb did with Kafka and illustrate a work of serious lit! Dostoyevsky or Gogol have that dream like quality that would lend it self to interpretation. I mean” you are a great cartoonist!! ” sorry that line belongs to syncophant jerry pine! notice after the pine quote, i gave 2 exclamation points so it looks like a gushing teen age girl!

  17. Tony will soon be illustrating my book. It is about a card game that brings lucid dreams, while incidentally deconstructing nuclear weapons at the same time. In any event, he has agreed to do five drawings for it. We have a literary agent waiting to look at it. It is already pre-qualified. I believe this will be the heroic work you thirst after.

    As for Jerry Pine — well, watch out, she punches with hot po’boy sandwich in her hand Its hot and it hits.

    • TonyMillion says:

      “deconstructing nuclear weapons” or as the Tea Party Freaks call it, the Weakening of America.

      • Tony, must we all obsess with the Tea Party? And deconstructing nuclear weapons can only make us stronger. Nuclear Weapons are only the illusion of power. As it stands, with our 10,000 plus nukes, we only stand to have them someday used against us, when the probably inevitable coup occurs, or even by accident, or by insanity of some submarine commander somewhere. However, I believe we actually built them to take them apart and find the treasure of creativity, peace and brotherhood which is forged in the international class of everyone who are the targets of these “weapons”. It is really only a minor extension of Marx’s theory of history to see that the Means of Destruction changes social relationships (and reveals necessary contradictins) as does the Means of Production. What Marx did not get is that a hammer can be used too make a house (means of production) or just as well might be used to take a house (means of destruction), but that both actions constitute economy.

        • that2guy says:

          We can’t uninvent nuclear weapons. We CAN–and must–reduce them to a bare minimum level worldiwde.

          This is the starkest example yet of how shamelessly & cynically the RepubliTeaTards exploit critical issues of grave concern to not only the country but the entire world for nothing more than a perceived cheap political advantage in the eyes of their amoeba-brained followers.

          As internal threats to the fabric of our nation, this horde of erstwhile demagogues makes “Tail-Gunner Joe” McCarthy look like an alcoholic fucking Boy Scout armed only with a slingshot.

  18. Shanksville PA (sp?)
    I was on my way out of falling water with my wife, the frank lloyd wright house, and we decided to GPS over to Shanksville and see the United 93 National Park that has been established. On the way over we saw beautiful PA countryside, pastoral and partially abandoned, and incidentally, we saw many abandoned and open strip mines that descecrate the country side. This is most of the answer to the Truthers “funny looking hole” objection — United 93 crashed into a reclaimed strip mine. No bedrock there, all soft silt and sand, and was going at full speed when it hit. That is why it went into the ground and atomized. Sadly, my nephew still maintains that “no people died there.” And he is a college graduate. One has to realize that a person who says this type of thing has only read web pages and seed filthy internet videos, as and gossip, as the only source of information.

    The memorial park is touching and poignant and very small scale, though I believe a larger memorial has gone up since then. I recommend it to everyone, it is quite instructive, and it will answer any question you might have.

  19. sorry about above typos. its too bad one cannot edit these messages after hitting GO.

  20. knuclear200x says:

    I always forget this comic takes place in modern times :P

  21. Pepper says:

    Wow. I have to say this is a marvelous strip. You have captured the essence of all that is the right wing wacko fringe. I truly LOL’ed.

    However there are a lot of ordinary folk who see what’s going on and are justifiably frustrated. Most of us don’t go out marching and carrying signs.

    I have noticed an interesting double standard though. If the protesters are Muslims in Egypt or Tunisia, or union members in Wisconsin, or liberals in San Francisco, everybody thinks it’s just a grand thing and encourages their right to free expression. But the minute some people who want the government to start obeying its own laws get together and say so, they are branded as right wing extremists.

    • TonyMillion says:

      You mean the Tea Party? Every group you mention has a legitimate fight before them, the Tea Party has been misinformed and is being duped into fighting against its own self interests.
      Everything I’ve seen from the Tea Party represents stupidity. It’s not even really racist, it’s mostly uniformed and ignorant of fact. ie; Stupid. Get your head out of the sand Grandma, you’re being tricked by an old man from Australia and the well-paid tools who work for him, FOX NEWS!!!

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