Now I can’t even dress like Captain America anymore…

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11 Responses to Now I can’t even dress like Captain America anymore…

  1. that2guy says:

    Nah, that putz looks like Captain Texas: lone star, rather large across the midsection, and my spidey sense indicates that he never finished high school.

  2. He probably got the made-in-China Captain America outfit at MalWarts, drives a Kia, is divorced five times, has ten kids in as many states who he hasn’t seen in twenty years, and is on SSDI, lithium and Seroquil until he goes off his med’s and shoots up a Mickey Dee’s with one of them there assault shotguns because they ran out of Happy Toys when he went to order a 10,000 calorie quadruple donut-bunned beef & toad porkburger.

  3. that2guy, I disagree. I think he fits the profile of an ex-social worker or psych major.

    Never trust any guy who wears their speedos over tights.

    • that2guy says:

      Actually, either one alone is usually enough for me to suspect that the subject individual has some sort of open circuit in his taste &/or judgement centers.

      I suspect that this particular individual, however, has deeper issues. He probably has to take off his shoes & whip out his dick to count to 21 (which means he’s been banned from most casinos, of course.)

  4. Zack Mieth says:

    Dude, this is awesome…
    Where was this taken? -is really ignorant regarding national landmarks and America in general-

    • TonyMillion says:

      It’s the Capitol. It’s where Congress hangs out.

      • Zack Mieth says:

        Lol… “Hangs out”.
        I just pictured them sitting around, watching TV, smoking and drinking.

        • Pepper says:

          We would all be better off if that is all they actually did.

          • TonyMillion says:

            They should charge rich people more taxes, like 45%
            They should end air polution.
            And they should figure out a way to stem the growth of human population.
            (That’s the tricky one.)
            “Freedom” as a concept is no longer workable. You can’t lets mobs have freedom. Strict control is the only way to stop the end of everything on Earth.
            You wanna do it the easy way or the hard way?
            The easy way is mass sterilization.
            The hard way is bombs and machine guns.
            Take your pick, Tea Party.

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