DEC 1 Maakies {click for larger}

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16 Responses to DEC 1 Maakies {click for larger}

  1. San says:

    Also, cocks.

  2. Todd Alcott says:

    That’s exactly how I proposed to my wife.

  3. Ricky says:

    When I read “FLOOP” I thought it was an odd choice of poo onomatopoeia , when I said it out loud all was made clear.

    • P5 says:

      I was about to type something similar…was expecting the Millionaire ‘ERMF’, but none was forthcoming.

    • that2guy says:

      For diarrhea, the best approximation I can come up with is “PLOOP!!! ploop ploop ploop ploop, SPLASH!!!! [groan!]”

      It’s too long, admittedly. But for far too long printed cartoons have lacked an adequate standard term for the sound of massive diarrhea in progress. This is precisely the forum to solve this critical problem, and I think that as one of the most topically expert groups of sick fucks on the Net it is incumbent upon we Maakies fans to solve it!

    • Matt says:

      Once I was at the zoo when an elephant dropped a giant turd the size of a 10-lb bag of flour onto the concrete floor, and at the time I noted the distinct FLOOP. So I lol’d when I read that.

      The elephant was probably not proposing to anyone.

  4. John M. says:

    What an amazing coincidence! This cartoon came out right on the same day I had to stay home from work due to extreme squirts! Also, a day after we had a new toilet installed in our house! A new oblong-bowl toilet with–MORE ROOM FOR DIARRHEA WRITING!

  5. TonyMillion says:

    Did I use that “joke” before? I drugot about it.

  6. I wish I could do that, it would be great at parties!

  7. Mr. I.Q. 147 says:

    Mr. Millionaire, I kind of hate to suggest it, T.Ross being your best friend and all, but I think it might be time to start blocking comments from him. He is worse than a drunk.

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