These guys made Hoodies in time for cold weather.

Get them here and browse etc.

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6 Responses to These guys made Hoodies in time for cold weather.

  1. I love the guy in the picture. I get the feeling he won’t be the type to wear this hoodie in public.

    • TonyMillion says:

      Well, he’s from Argentina, where they make the shirts. I imagine he’d wear something loose and billowy, maybe white with blue stripes. White jeans and wicker loafers. Am I wrong? Danny Hellman could answer that, it’s what he used to wear to the Albany Bus Terminal men’s room.

    • TonyMillion says:

      Ye Gads, Creswell! What’s going on with the Flickr page?? The ship images are incredible. What is that?

  2. Mike says:

    Estaban pulled on his Drink Crowy hoodie and faced the day. He struck a pose as his wife Kartoffel entered the room in her new Edie Bauer turtleneck sweater, welcoming him with applause. “Guapo, there is a reason why you are Argentina’s most prolific hoodie model,” she quipped, “and your success will keep me in turtlenecks.” Kartoffel spoke in Spanish, but Estaban answered her in the language of l’amour: His hoodie-scented hand yanked down the cotten chimney of her turtleneck as he suckled the bulbous, tumescent goiter which dominated her neck and decollete.

  3. Susannah says:

    Yes! Finally something about real time pcr system.

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