Previous Christmas Tree Decorations Merrily applied

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8 Responses to Previous Christmas Tree Decorations Merrily applied

  1. The person whose ass that is — it is not Danny — seems to have evidence of a past infection of shingles.

  2. Zack Mieth says:

    Shingles? What makes you think that? And I think he shaved! Lookit those red bumps.
    Or maybe ’twas mites!
    Bum Mosquito!

  3. There is nothing better with which to “deck the balls” than paper cut-out puppets!

  4. “look at those red bumps”
    those are the red bumps of shingles, to the practiced eye.

  5. Mike says:

    Some gifts are not for unwrapping.

  6. that2guy says:

    Truly, this is the most pragmatically functional and seasonally appropriate utilization of a pine-tree air freshener that has ever been devised.

    Baby Jeebus is proud of you, stalwart innovator!

  7. It could be Sam’s ass. Look at how pale it is!

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