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27 Responses to MAAKIES MUSEUM

  1. that1guy says:

    I can’t tell Asian women apart…they all look fine as hell.

  2. Matt says:

    The typo in the first panel makes it all seem like outsider art.

  3. Breike says:

    Those are the sexiest Corinthian columns I’ve ever seen in a strip in my bloody life.

  4. I just moved to S. Korea a month ago. IT’S TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • that1guy says:

      I lived in SK as well at two different times, and what you perceive is merely an artifact of being exposed to a completely unfamiliar culture & people. Everyone appears the same only because they have a language & culture far different than your own.

      Over time, you will become proficient in determining distinctions between individuals, and eventually learn that people are really the same the world around; all that differs are customs & languages.

      Then, of course, you will find some honorable & some utterly contemptible.

      Unsolicited advice: If possible, seek out some college students & teach English pronounciation part-time (provided that you have something close to a neutral “American” accent). This is an extremely rewarding experience on a great many levels.

  5. I fix Slinkies says:

    Damn it. One of my politically correct family members spotted this over my shoulder and believes I am now a total racist. I told them that is not true. I only hate Mexicans.

    • that1guy says:

      Just do what I do & hate everybody deeply and equally. It’s fun, easy, and the only logical default position.

      • I fix Slinkies says:

        Hate and other gruff ain’t allowed here man.

        This is a clean house.

        • TonyMillion says:

          There’s no hate here. The judges are obviously very apologetic about the situation.

          • I fix Slinkies says:

            Uncouthly faux pas will fuck your shit up where I am at. :(

            There is no such thing as a coincidence! It has no tangent! It exists as much as the concept of a history folder on my web browser! Hari Kari is the only solution! If only I could tell them with a straight face as to how much I love dogs as they do!

    • Matt says:

      Just leave the browser open to the comic where the guy proposes to his lady by spelling it out in shit on the inside of the toilet. That’s non-racist humor the whole family can enjoy.

      Also, when visiting relatives, it’s fun to try to type in porn sites so that they autofill something seriously nasty for each letter of the alphabet. That’s the modern way of saying “thanks for the hospitality!”

  6. I fix Slinkies says:

    All hilarity aside. I would never call a Hispanic a wetback. They can do labor for long hours easily.

    Gotcha! ;)

  7. Walt O'Bruin says:

    OK, but whatever happened to Kaz? No changes at his site for months now. Did he get abducted by a cult or something? Hope he is okay…..

    • TonyMillion says:

      The guy that did both our sites quit. I got a new one. Kaz went Facebook.

      • Walt O'Bruin says:

        Thanks, Tony. Wish you would do a history book on the USA based on Commager’s history from the Bicentennial years, a proper primary-sourced warts-and-all history one bought a volume at a time at the grocery store checkout for a dollar per volume (of which there were twenty or so). Massive job, but think of the advance one could get to cover expenses. Ooooo…

  8. Drew says:

    if i melt down these strips/cartoon/show over a spoon and inject them into my bloodstream introveniously it would fail to quell my obsession with this bird. Also i dont know how to spell introveniously, i know.

  9. TonyMillion says:

    Bears repeating:
    There is no hate in this thread or comic, it’s just a fact that it’s hard to differentiate individuals in certain ethnic groups, especially when presented with the ideal models of these groups. Try naming a list of supermodels or Orthodox Jewish men, forget it. The comic was actually meant to point out how these knuckle heads paint their subjects in such idealized form that even their own grannies can’t tell them apart. It’s a slight on Japanese painting more than anything, they look like thesis work from some Design school like RISD or CalArts. Slick slick slick, you might as well be designing cars. Asian people are great at playing European music on cellos but they CANNOT PAINT FOR BEANS.

    The scientific community feels that the idea of race is often used by the general public[6] in a naïve[7] or simplistic way, erroneously designating wholly discrete types of individuals. Among humans, race has no cladistic significance—all people belong to the same hominid subspecies, Homo sapiens sapiens.[8][9] Regardless of the extent to which race exists, the word “race” is problematic and may carry negative connotations.[10] Social conceptions and groupings of races vary over time, involving folk taxonomies[11][12][13] that define essential types of individuals based on perceived sets of traits. Scientists consider biological essentialism obsolete,[14] and generally discourage racial explanations for collective differentiation in both physical and behavioral traits.[7][15]

    • Walt O'Bruin says:

      I’ve always found it tragic and bemusing that Manga and Anime invariably use Western-style round eyes for their characters. Asian eyes are entrancing on the right woman.

      Wait until you hear your first Asian copy band try to do its own material LOL. If the Japanese band Loudness is on Youtube (I am afraid to look), be prepared to laugh loud and long.

      From an engineering design standpoint, the principle you present holds true as well. Emulation they excel at. Original thought? They Facebook’d themselves into social and intellectual oblivion and homogeneity 500 years before there was a Facebook.

  10. alex w says:


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