Phoebe’s rejoinder

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16 Responses to Phoebe’s rejoinder

  1. TonyMillion says:

    From 2009

  2. Bristow says:

    Funny! I would have guessed… the similarities in drawing styles and all.
    I have a 4 year old daughter who has taken to the pencil and paper as well, and the
    depictions of myself along with here explanations have brought tears to my eyes with hilarity.
    Didn’t mean to pry, but thanks for sharing.

  3. JLK says:

    Wow! You have examples of your childhood work in “The Art Of Tony Millionaire” and your lovely daughter’s art looks remarkably similar to your style at that age! What a talented family! Shout out to your wife, she’s hilarious, under-rated and has awesome boobs. Go Tony!

  4. Bristow says:

    Happy New Year Phoebe!!!

  5. John M. says:

    I read “Uncle Gabby” to my 3-year-old daughter yesterday. I bought it when she was a baby but she didn’t have the attention span for it until now. She wanted me to read it to her twice in a row, and again at bedtime, and again right away this morning. I’m not sure she is into the concept of un-naming, and I’m not sure whether even I have fully grasped the, I guess, metaphysical implications of life being a dream of wished-for memories. She really liked the monsters. So did I. She also liked when they were in the boat wishing up the ice-cream sundaes and lolipop forests. I admit that I did not fully explain to her the part about the little girl actually being a dead old lady.

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