I have just received news that the Doctor is walking again. Hooray!

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15 Responses to I have just received news that the Doctor is walking again. Hooray!

  1. MRNUTTY says:


  2. Dr. O says:

    The new Maakies worked!!!

  3. Bristow says:

    Hip-Hip Hooray! Hip-Hip Hooray!
    Where’s Drinky? It’s time to pop open the bubbly!

  4. that1guy says:

    Congratualtions, Dr. Dubel!!!

  5. Darren says:

    We live in an age of miracles… truly!
    God bless the faith healers… and Tony.

  6. TonyMillion says:


  7. RubberCrutch says:

    To me it’s “bracing” to read of this, Tony, for your friend’s sake first, of course. But for my own edification, because it’s one more verification that there’s “more in heaven and earth” than is known in our everyday philosophy. Your robust effort on behalf of Dr. Dubel made me think of things I’ve read about Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, usually known as Paracelsus, the 16th century Swiss healer and alchemist. If you ever need another alias, I think “Bombastus” might be apropos of something.

  8. Heinrich Dubel says:

    Tony “Bombastus” Millionaire is right. Again, I am able to sit upright, stand up and walk by my own motoric control and muscle power. These features have been unavailable to me for about a week, after a steady decline in performance over a period of three month.

    The good doctor’s here at Charité Berlin do now with a machine, what Tony has done with his giant mindforce: Pulling the fiend out of me. It is still there, but growing more weak by the minute. I will kill the fucker.

    Thank You all.

  9. Zack Mieth says:

    Mr. Millionaire, you’re a magician. No lie. If you’re going around healing people with your thoughts, than you are a mage. A powerful one at that. Congratulations.

    Always continue to heal people. But remember, it should not be about the money.
    It should be about doing good for your fellow beings.
    Not just humans.

    I don’t know how you came about to have these powers of healing, but consider writing a book about it. People need to have this information, so that they too can become healers.

    • Zack Mieth says:

      Also, consider looking into other forms of magic. I read that you have an actual visual internal clock. Do you know what that means? You’re making mental tools which are reliable and trust worthy. If you wanted to, you could see auras… Or have a pointer which showed you where Maakies fans were. Hell, you could even summon up Drinky Crow to be your companion… Mentally or physically. As in, you would see Drinky Crow walking around your house, drinking your booze and generally being quite the interesting fellow. I know this sounds like… quite the bother to think about… but think of the possibilties… You could actually speak to your characters yourself… They could tell you things which you have never thought up.

      As you may of had already discovered, this reality is not about living and dying… That is just a part… this reality is so much more. I’m probably telling you things which you already know… But still… you have a great power, as do we all, and great capacity for wonderful things. I wish for you to become a great magician, and to help others find their way to greatness through your experiences and knowledge. You are much older than I… I hope to one day become as you are… a man whom has found himself to a greater degree than most, whom does things which make him happy and whom helps people in the most fascinating of ways.

      Tony, you could very well be a figure head for an entire community of people.

    • Jerry Pine says:

      He don’t charge anything!

    • Jerry Pine says:

      He don’t charge! It’s free!

      • Zack Mieth says:

        I just read somewhere that he charges 5000 dollars for his travel expenses, hotel accommodation, ect.

        If not, than I approve.

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