I love this old one from MMII

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  1. JLK says:

    Ooooh!! This is one of my favorites! I love the ship,the smoke,the clouds,the waves,her scarf,her pea coat and the way that Gabby looks so tenderly concerned,hands clasped! SO pretty! “You’re fine insane…” Isn’t that all anyone really wants to hear from their Sweetheart? :)

  2. I love this one, an old classic!


  3. John M. says:

    The captain’s daughter is so beautiful in this one. You can just feel her cold cheeks in the wind. And the feel of her fine cool hair brushing against your hand when you touch her rough wool coat. It makes me regret everything I ever said to any woman between the years 1985 and 2002, which, oddly enough, turns out to be the year of original publication.

  4. Ricky says:

    This one has some fine clouds indeed.

  5. Dr. O says:

    Love the continuation and contrast of the relationship theme in the bottom strip.

  6. Rooster says:

    Their eyes are an enigma, their minds an abyss, the artist a classic contemporary

  7. Bristow says:

    Everything – and I do mean, EVERYTHING… you’ll ever need in a comic strip is right here friends. This is a fucking homerun!

  8. that1guy says:

    I do like the contemplative ones on occasion, and this is a very fine example.

    But the slapstick absurdism does illustrate the essential horror of life with equal alacrity.

    There is no comparison between the two. Both are equally valid–and welcome.

  9. TonyMillion says:

    It was a comment made by Dr. Terrence Ross years ago during his brief romance with Dame Darcy.

  10. Martin Olson says:


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