Drunken Owl Arrested

An owl that had evidently drunk too much Schnapps from two discarded bottles was so inebriated that it got picked up by police. The bird will be released once it has sobered up.

German police said on Tuesday they had discovered a paralytic owl that appeared to have drunk too much Schnapps from two discarded bottles.

“A woman walking her dog alerted the police after seeing the bird sitting by the side of the road oblivious to passing traffic,” Frank Otruba, spokesman for the police in the southwestern city of Pforzheim, told SPIEGEL ONLINE.
The Brown Owl didn’t appear to be injured and officers quickly concluded that it had had one too many. One of its eyelids was drooping, adding to the general impression of inebriation.

“It wasn’t staggering around and we didn’t breathalyze it but there were two little bottles of Schapps in the immediate vicinity,” said Otruba. “We took it to a local bird expert who has treated alcoholized birds before and she has been giving it lots of water.”

The bird will be released once it has sobered up, police said.

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11 Responses to Drunken Owl Arrested

  1. Dr. O says:

    Wildlife imitating art again.

  2. Bristow says:

    HOW did the German police come to the conclusion that the owl had been drinking?
    I can hear it now…
    “You dere! Khum here! Vhy are you stumblink?! Ve saw you, yah… khumink owt of da
    voods dere. Let me smell of you breath… AH-HA! JUST as I tawt! Valk dis line!”
    I just wonder if the poor bird was getting hammered because he caught his beotch in the nest with another owl.

  3. that1guy says:

    He was blissfully inebriated, and poised on the edge of a busy road.

    His intentions were clear.

    Verdammte Polizei.

  4. Vince says:

    Just waiting for it to show up on


  5. o0o says:


  6. Jerry Pine says:

    What idiot “discarded” two perfectly good bottles of Schnapps?

    • TonyMillion says:

      Million Mentor, You are doing great work in the field of trying to convince people that you can get money for them. Tell me QUICK how much does the program cost? Answer me or I’ll ban your ass to the cornfield.

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