When the firefighter goes to Hell

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14 Responses to When the firefighter goes to Hell

  1. Bristow says:

    Jimmy “Two-Dogs” is a real piece ‘o shit… I love ‘im.
    Who’s he based on, Tony? ‘Cause if you just cooked him up, I again applaud your ability to make a drunken, tattooed hellion most endearing.

  2. that1guy says:

    Jimmy Two-Dogs will fuck Satan’s shit up! He is awesome.

  3. Bristow says:

    Jimmy Two-dogs has an “All Access Pass”… complete with “In & Out” privileges.
    A real freaking rock star!


    Fruggin’ genius!

  5. william wallace says:

    That Jimmy Two-dogs is some hoser. In an alternate universe wouldn’t he have just whizzed on the fire or sumpin’? Cleaned up for the kiddies… I suspect.

  6. RubberCrutch says:

    Strange… from what I can infer about Jimmy Two-Dogs, this looks more like “heaven” than “hell” for him.

  7. that1guy says:

    I particularly like the extra 4 aces Jimmy has stashed behind his ear, in addition to the five in his hand.

    A very resourceful man indeed!

  8. Jimmy Two-dogs, hew orks with Your brother. Why is called Jimmy Two-dogs? What’s the story? Does he always have two hot dogs? That would be kinda lame, I recon …

  9. paul macdonald says:

    Sanctus Satanas Sanctus
    Dominus Diabolus
    Stanas Venire!
    I believe in one prince satan
    And in one law Chaos!
    Never love anything so much you cannot see it die !

  10. Richard P says:

    If a man came back from Hell, he would spend his life poring over Dante’s Inferno, and the catalogues of the American Radiator Company. –Harry Stephen Keeler

  11. Mike says:

    Two Dogs….
    A native american boy askes his father: “Father, how do we choose our names?” Father replies ” We name our children after the first animal they see after leaving the teepee. This is why your sister is called “flying eagle” and your brother is called “Stalking wolf”. Why do you ask, two dogs fucking in the mud?

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