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20 Responses to BRAND NEW MAAKIES!!!

  1. sheafo says:

    it says brand new maakies!, but is not. i am nearly crestfallen

  2. Clearly this is New Brand (c) Maakies, a company that has bought the rights to the Maakies archives and is reprinting them under the New Brand (c) label!

  3. Dr. O says:

    I love it. A song, sex, guns and violence (I’m sure there was alcohol involved given the nature of the song). What’s not to like? I agree with Todd. Maakies plus drinking songs is awesome.

  4. Bristow says:


  5. Nic Farra says:

    If you ain’t read Norman Lindsay’s The Magic Puddin’ (1919) then hang yiz all fer Puddin’ Thieves and the devil take the hindmost!

    • TonyMillion says:

      Thank you Nik. That is one of my favorite books, though I don’t know one other American who’s ever heard of it. It’s been the number one children’s book in Australia since it was written. The drawings are amazing, he reminds me of Ernest Shepard’s illustrations for Now We Are Six.

      • Nic Farra says:

        Swaggies and rousies, Chinese cooks and sailors were all over Australasia at the time. Having an old family has its bonuses. My Dad (1900-87) met a famous swagman, Ned ‘The Shiner’ Slattery and encountered all kinds of colourful characters like in The Magic Puddin’. Otago was very rich then on account of the gold rush of 1861 and it changed the social fabric of the South Island. Meanwhile, at the other end of the island, my maternal grandfather Robert Erwin ran away to sea and joined the crew of the schooner ‘Rona’ as a cabin boy. Life was hard, but he rose through the ranks becoming a captain in the Merchant Navy during the Great War and was Harbourmaster of Lyttelton Harbour when he died during World War 2. Norman Lindsay, Tony Millionaire, Winslow Homer, JMW Turner, Arthur Ransome, Banjo Paterson & RAK Mason have, naturally been firm favourites of mine from a young age; slightly older in your case though.

        I’ve long wanted to do a stage adaption of The Magic Puddin’, with a marionette as Albert and everyone else in full costume masks, like the Opera of Where The Wild Things Are, but no bastard will back me on it because a) it’s Australian and b) it’s ‘too violent for children! It’s a strange fuckin’ world at times.

        • TonyMillion says:

          Somebody made a really really horrible animated movie of The Magic Pudding a few years ago.

          • Nic Farra says:

            Hated it. Every copy should be burnt.

          • TonyMillion says:

            The problem is, once a shitty movie is made, it will be decades before someone tries it again. Peter Jackson, isn’t he Austrailian or Noo Zealandish or something? He should give it a rest with the hobbits and do the Pudding right. The cut-an’-come-again Pudding.

          • Nic Farra says:

            I worked on a PJ film once. (see how close we are? I call him ‘PJ’). It was nine kinds of fun in a blender. When he is enthusiastic about something, he’s a total maniac. I’ve been constantly shitting myself waiting for Tintin, and if The Magic Pudding is anywhere in the radar, it would be a rip-snorter.

            When I saw Ralph Bakshi’s Wizards I had that sinking feeling that no-one would ever do a Jean Giraud movie. It got worse when Bladerunner came out, because that was supposedly based in part of Moebius’ The Long Tomorrow, which I reckon would’ve been ten times the movie that crappy ol’ yawn-fest Bladerunner is.

  6. TonyMillion says:

    “The Salt Junk Sarah.”
    Norman Lindsay

    Ho, aboard the Salt Junk Sarah
    We was rollin’ homeward bound,
    When the bo’sun’s bride fell over the side
    And very near got drowned.
    Rollin’ home, rollin’ home,
    Rollin’ home across the foam,
    She had to swim to save her glim
    And catch us rollin’ home.
    Ho, aboard the Salt Junk Sarah,
    Rollin’ home across the line,
    The Bo’sun collared the Captain’s hat
    And threw it in the brine.
    Rollin’ home, rollin’ home,
    Rollin’ home across the foam,
    The Captain sat without a hat
    The whole way rollin’ home.
    Ho! aboard the Salt Junk Sarah,
    Rollin’ home around the Horn,
    The Bo’sun pulls the Captain’s nose
    For treatin’ him with scorn.
    Rollin’ home, rollin’ home,
    Rollin’ home across the foam.
    The Bo’sun goes with thumps and blows
    The whole way rollin’ home.
    Ho, aboard the Salt Junk Sarah
    Rollin’ round the ocean wide,
    The bo’sun’s mate, I grieve to state,
    He kissed the bo’sun’s bride.
    Rollin’ home, rollin’ home,
    Home across the foam;
    The bo’sun rose and punched his nose
    And banged him on the dome.
    Oh, rolling round the ocean,
    From a far and foreign land,
    May suit the common notion
    That a sailor’s life is grand.
    But as for me, I’d sooner be
    A roaring here at home
    About the rolling, roaring life
    Of them that sails the foam.
    For the homeward-bounder’s chorus,
    Which he roars across the foam,
    Is all about chucking a sailor’s life,
    And settling down at home.
    Home, home, home,
    That’s the song of them that roam,
    The song of the roaring, rolling sea
    Is all about rolling home.

  7. Darren says:

    Reference for the book… with cover illustration.
    I must say, that strange thing in the center reminds me somewhat of the goiter you drew in one of your strips. GOITER SMASH !

  8. that1guy says:

    One of my favorite Maakies strips, no question. (But, no, it ain’t brand-new!)

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