My sister’s house in Massachusetts

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14 Responses to My sister’s house in Massachusetts

  1. TonyMillion says:

    That really is a pretty house, the Richardson Home.

  2. Darren says:

    Charming, indeed! Is there a way I can post a picture here? A winter scene I think you would like.

  3. paul macdonald says:

    Lets see pasadena ? rosebowl ( of which I have no interest whatsoever) little old ladies????? and the rocket scientist /magician Jack Parsons Blowing himself up ! anything else I should know? is Orange grove ave still in existence?

    • TonyMillion says:

      I think your perception of Pasadena is based on pre white flight Jack Benny radio programs. Little old ladies is a Beach Boys song.

      • paul macdonald says:

        Yes, and there is a playhouse there! is that the one PeeWee Herman was caught squeezing his snake in?? Pee Wee’s playhouse? is that where your wife er performs?

        • Bristow says:

          Pasadena is a beeeeaauuutiful place. Lots of history of course, but the refurbished old town area is great. You can walk the streets and shop, eat and drink… all in perfect weather without having to worry about someone jacking your shit.

      • paul macdonald says:

        You are really showing your age who the fuck is Jack Benny? and what was a ” radio program” how are the andrews sisters these days gramps?

        • paul macdonald says:

          Hey tony did you see the latest Jimmy Cagney movie? boy what about that Rita hayworth ,I love my wife but oh you chicken!!!!! buy war bonds!

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