Figure it out:

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14 Responses to HOW TO HEAL OTHERS

  1. This is how the energy body actually works. Its quite a good picture.

  2. TonyMillion says:

    If you put one hand on the forehead and the other on the base of the skull and tell your patient about the energy which flows through the body, you can cure his/her headache. Try it, it works.

  3. TonyMillion says:

    Hey, I just noticed that the image has the twirling Snakes of Medicine. Did you know that the snake oil being peddled by healers on the frontier was as potent as hi-omega fish oil, now being peddled by healers in the pharmacies. That shit is great as an aid against stiff joints and depression.

  4. RubberCrutch says:

    Does this diagram have any applications for self-healing or sustaining immunity?

  5. If anyone is truly interested in the nurture of energy, read and practice Robert Bruce’s “New Energy Ways.” which is available as part of his book “astral dynamics” and separately as an updated and standalone book. “Energy Work” is in most libraries these days.

    • RubberCrutch says:

      I will look at one or both. Experience gives me good reason to think this could be a fruitful study even (or especially) if approached with critical thinking. For at least five millennia civilization has produced so many tomes on the subject of energy flows and obstructions that it would be ignorant to reject such concepts because the terms of art include scary “hippie” words such as “astral” and “energy work.” Thanks for the references.

  6. the thing about robert bruce’s approach is that it is realistic. his book is a hardcore deconstruction of all the mumbo jumbo. its quite a bit different.

    • TonyMillion says:

      “Hippies” and those who use words have no authority over the healing process.

    • RubberCrutch says:

      That’s good to know TR. I think that people have used the “mumbo jumbo” approach for eons to mysticize everything from astronomy to medicine to religion, for the calculated purposes of concealing the truth and elevating themselves to “guru” status. I’ve ordered a copy of the energy book.

  7. Tim McGahren says:

    Body as a electromagnetic device, like a radio receiver, nice.

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