Do not use your dick for touch healing.

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11 Responses to Do not use your dick for touch healing.

  1. TonyMillion says:

    It’s rude.

  2. Dr. O says:

    Now you tell me.

  3. Ricky says:

    Once when someone asked me for a match I tried to give a smart answer of “my thumb and your cock”, only I got it backwards…

  4. RubberCrutch says:

    Not even to touch heal a yeast infection?

  5. sheafo says:

    according to the other picture your dick is where the ear snakes originate from, so to be clear, touching ears with dick(s) does not cure ear infections?

  6. Katey says:

    Are there any forbidden lady-parts in touch healing?

  7. william wallace says:

    Hey!!! I cured a thumb infection… sort of a wart virus… with, for you’re information ………………would you believe…white vinegar! It works!!!! Nothing to do with this post …but what the hell….might as well give some good advice… if nothing else! Artie bilkmore…son of the future!

    • Jerry Pine says:

      Aloe vera is another good curing medicine. Once I had a small infection on my testicle. A german put a bandaid on it with a small wad of soaked camomile tea. The next day the infection was gone.

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