TOUCAN PIRATES record covers


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4 Responses to TOUCAN PIRATES record covers

  1. Awesome covers, my favorite is the one on the top, great battle scene. Did you watercolor these beauties?


  2. Toucan Pete says:

    Wow what a spread! Thanks Tony, you are the best.

    These were commissioned line-art drawings for our traditional irish/scottish/welsh music albums sprinkled with piratical sound effects. We colorized the black & white line art ourselves, using palettes generated from other Tony Millionaire color pieces.

    The music is available on iTunes or CDBaby. More info at our website,

    We are in the planning stages for the fourth album, “Toucan Pirates Return to Dinosaur Island”. The cover concept almost draws itself, doesn’t it?

  3. that1guy says:

    Seriously beautiful.

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