Paul Pickles Esq. PRESENTS!

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  1. TonyMillion says:

    Starring Becky Thyre as Dr. Terrence Ross and Helena Harvilicz as Danny Hellman.

  2. TonyMillion says:


    Are you deleting my posts?


    they disappeqred for a second and they just came back.

    What the hell is going on? Is it the CIA?

    It’s freaky.

    Maybe it’s the FBI.

    Do you think they will go after Dan for the rape?

    No. Jesus. the only thing I can compare it to is when you drop a cell phone signal. then you call that person back. I was watching the messages and they dissapeared. i refreshed my screen and they came back.

    How long ago was the rape Helena?

    I remember a bald head between my legs

    What was the head doing?

    It was pressing against my perineum.

    Oh, maybe that was when I gave birth.

    Wait a minute. Doesn’t Peter have a bit of a bald spot going?

    It was a baby-head?

    True, but he wears a hat.

    It wasn’t Peter then. Did the bald head have any connection to repetitive clothing signatures?

    Not sure what that is.

    like a heat signature but just wearing the same thing all the time?

    like danny hellman.

    Wait a minute, babies don’t have mustaches!

    That’s right. Babies don’t have mustaches, but who does have a mustache?

    At least mine didn’t.


    that’s good. Now, who comes to mind that …

    Danny…(last name)

    It must have been him.

    Danny ….

    Are you referring to the rapist Danny Hellman?

    I’m not sure.

    Was the head extremely bald?


    I’m seeing a swazskia…

    Was there a mustache similar to Adolph Hitler’s there….

    Maybe it was a skin head punk?

    Wait a minute — that’s not rape. That’s cunnylingus. Was this Lara Allen?

    with a babooshka?

    Is she bald?

    She’s very weird.

    and wears a babooshka.

    Does she have a mustache? I don’t remember…

    Yeah and her friend Cindy had a big mustache.

    She had a pussy mustache.

    Tell me about the crush.

    Did Danny have hair when you first met him?

    Maybe I’m still fuzzy (no pun intended)

    he he.

    He had a kind of bozo Jewfro.

    Bozo the clown.

    I’ve seen that picture.

    then the hair fell out FAST!

    was he exposed to radiation?

    Not sure.

    well, i’ve learned a lot.

    1. you were raped

    Probably. I’ve always suspected I could have been…

    Why not, Danny?

    He’s got a penis.

    I think you have rape-Stockholm syndrome.

    That sounds logical.

    Why else would I be dressing like him.

    Danny has blocked it out too. He can’t remember good pussy like you without wanting to throw his life out the window.

    Also, the night of the performance, I tried to rape Becky. Like, why would I have done that?

    In a way, you raped him.

    Actresses always rape each other.


    Its ok.

    But when Danny got that good pussy his hair fell out and then he forgot everything because he had to face his life.

    I thought I might have been subconsciously re-enacting the crime. This time with me playing the part of the aggressor.

    How did Becky respond? Did she enjoy it or try and stop you?

    She patted my head like Benny Hill and called me a silly little man.

    Maybe it was your outfit. If you would have stripped it all off very quickly her nipples would have hardened.

    then all you hae to grab the nipples and not let go. That was always my technique.

    I called it the “nipples clamps”

    Even when they try to pull away you hold on.

    its hard. Like taming a mustang.

    Becky’s nipples are always hard. She had the nipple operation. Because she’s an acturess.

    How much does that cost?

    When they do the close ups you need to have hard nipples.

    Is there a nipple operation?

    I’d not heard of that.

    Muffy has nice tits too.

    She posted a picture of them.

    But, of course, they are not ….how shall we say….

    Perfect, like mine?

    they aren’t ….

    yes that’s it.

    don’t tell her I said tht.

    Too late, I already copied and posted this conversation.


    Just kidding.

    well, it will come as a shock to danny ….that you had the guts to confront him.

    should I post it?

    Does it matter what I say?

    Yes. to me, no means no.

    not like Danny Hellman.

    Heh heh.


    to me, talking to you is like coaxing a little bird onto my finger. good night.


  3. I will now turn myself in to the authorities.

  4. Darren says:

    Maybe I missed a memo, but please provide a little more background/context so I may appreciate this “performance art.”

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