PART 4 Noah vs Maakies THE END

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14 Responses to PART 4 Noah vs Maakies THE END

  1. Gil Smith says:

    You are a rare genius of the form.

  2. Darren says:

    Wow! Spectacular! A sweeping saga! A story that HAD to be told!

  3. that1guy says:

    Magnificent!!! A hole for a hole, in true Biblical revenge fashion!

  4. John M. says:

    Now that’s a fuckin’ comic. It took my breath away! And almost my breakfast too!

  5. NMmatt says:

    Hole… Lee… Shit!!

    In this latest installment, you have reached the level that only demi-gods and extremely drunken bums in Mexico have previously attained. I had to go drink 3 double IPAs during my lunch break to try to deal. Seriously.

  6. P5 says:

    more poetry and Gabby taking a dick!

    • Gil Smith says:

      I don’t wanna say I’m sure of this, but I think this MIGHT be the first instance of Gabby taking it from behind, and I’m MOSTLY certain it’s the first time he’s taken it in a freshly created orifice.

      • that1guy says:

        I believe that your latter assertion is correct, but the first is not.

        Gabby arranged to have himself imprisoned several years ago in order to have a stable platform (not the heaving deck of the Maak ) from which to read, during which he was fucked up the ass by a fellow inmate.

        However, this fazed him not, and he continued to read with great enjoyment throughout. His present predicament reflects the same sort of ‘anal’ resignation.

      • TonyMillion says:

        He got porked in jail once. I think he read Swinburne then, too.

  7. Bristow says:

    Compelling. Tragic AND comedic. Holesome family fare. Thumbs way up!

  8. That reminds me … check this out. (Or click on my name.)

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