Living in Rome

When I lived in Rome in 1983 I had no money and couldn’t think of a way to earn money. So I drew a scene at the Roman Forum of the ruins. I had a hundred prints of the drawing made with an off-set printing house, then waited by a road on a folding chair till tourists would walk by. I would add some extra rocks or blades of grass, cracks in the road, when Americans came by (big spenders) I would ask if they knew the time. Then I’d show the drawing and ask if they wanted to buy it for ten bucks. That was cheap, so I got a lot of buyers. After one would buy a drawing I’d have to wait until they got in a cab or walked away. Once a couple came back and I had to quick-talk. I told them that I liked the drawing so much that I drew it again. They bought the second drawing. Here’s a photo Pia just sent me, I don’t know where it came from, but I’m glad it survived.

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10 Responses to Living in Rome

  1. Gil Smith says:

    This reminds me of that story about Walt Disney buying German helmets, shooting a hole in them, and selling them to soldiers who didn’t get to see any action at the end of WWI. Ironically, if you get conned by a brilliant artist, what you got off of him will eventually become a priceless collector’s item.

  2. Tim says:

    You’re supposed to hand all these things over as soon as they come in! How sad that I have to download them with the rest of the rabble…

  3. Toucan Pete says:

    That’s an awesome scam! And a great photo…

  4. Bristow says:

    Any idea at this point in your life that you would draw a cartoon strip?
    Had Drinky and Gabby – or others – been conceptualized yet?

  5. Hugh says:

    Enormous legs.

  6. Mary f.w. says:

    Great picture. Wow what a skinny, cute fella!

  7. swai fish says:

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