New Maakies 3/24/11

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13 Responses to New Maakies 3/24/11

  1. that1guy says:

    I am experiencing sympathetic mid-spine-where-my torso-broke-off-and-scraped-concrete pains.

  2. Bristow says:

    Oooo – that smarts! Gabby will need to get “less sober” to get over this one.

  3. I love the disturbing bone-scrape!


  4. John M. says:

    I love the drawing of the old tractor. The North Dakota farm where my dad grew up, and where I spent so god-damned much time in the summer, contained numerous old tractors like those, including a big big old Case that still ran. Most of the stuff was junked old threshing machines, plows, and rakes, heaped amongst piles of field stone and broken glass. Before I was old enough to do real work I spent a lot of time climbing around on these rusty, jagged, unsafe old things.

    More old-farming-equipment-related Maakies! (If I may be permitted to geek out for another minute, what type of tractor did you use as a model for the drawing?)

  5. Old Danish, that’s furki’n neat!


  6. Bristow says:

    Excellent link! Love the history behind her wicked ways…
    Old Dinah is a sexy minx… rust’n all!

  7. Doctor Realistical says:

    Not having suspended that disbelief thingamabob, I find it totally unlikely that my favorite monkey man would be ripped apart in such a nauseating way. If those springs were really that heavy, how could he ever have gotten into that aeroplane. How could the said underpowered and clearly flimsy old timey flying machine bear all that weight?

    Inconceivable I dare say!

    In – con – frinkin – ceive- ible!
    Keep up the good work. Someone has to….

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