I Ain’t Gonna Pee Pee My Bed Tonight

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19 Responses to I Ain’t Gonna Pee Pee My Bed Tonight

  1. Dr. O says:

    Rockin’. I see that Moses has many talents.

  2. sheafo says:

    wtf? trying to make some sembalance of sense out of that whole production. any hints on the context of that?

    • TonyMillion says:

      What’s the matter Sheafo? Tell the class what circumstances you think produced this video.
      Let us use the hypothetico-deductive model:
      2. DEDUCTION
      3. TEST

      • sheafo says:

        well here was round one of the process:
        1) lullabies have dramatically improved in the areas of context, relevancy, and presentation at a steady rate until the late 1970′s.
        2.) any lullabies produced after 1980 will pale in comparison (in aforementioned fields areas) exponentially to length of release from this apex
        3.) all data conclusive*
        4.) who(m?)ever made/played in this has changed the lives of anyone this video has been viewed by, and my “friend” would like to know how to obtain whatever substances were used in the completion of this project.

  3. This is rock and roll!

  4. David Margowsky says:

    Well I am!

  5. itza says:

    Never thought coordinated spastic dancing could exist, and yet there it is.

  6. Bristow says:

    I’m speechless.

  7. Random Interloper says:

    Die Kelly Familie! Nein! The Von Trapp family singers would kick there collective asses in a Thunderdome constructed for teutonic family singing combos.

  8. eric westphal says:

    is that a young nina hagen?

  9. Crenshaw Mellon says:

    Remember friends; If you do want to drink the Kool-Aid, make sure you fully serve the children first. Afterwards; make sure you drink enough for yourself so the proper affect is arrived at!

    dook dook dook!

  10. Wildcat says:

    I’ll bet he does anyway.

  11. Walt O'Brien says:

    It’s at least as ethnically humiliating as “Danny Boy,” Lucky Charms, St. Patrick’s Day, or Real IRA. They are probably making 250 grand per gig.

    If they topped it off by eating a pound each of their own shit, they would make 500 grand per gig.

    It’s called keeping the Mickies in their place. Bet you can’t name the Irishman who did the reall work behind the measurement of the speed of light which Michelson took the credit for, when it was originally measured in Annapolis, Maryland.

  12. Brings new meaning to the phrase, ‘this song is Number One’.

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