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  1. Anonymous


    Tony you should issue a reprint of your “Premillennial Maakies”!
    The used ones on Amazon are crazy expensive now, there’s some $$$ to be made!!!

  2. David Park Musella


    Now, December fourteenth is a date which shall live in infamy. Sad, yes, but better than having the creator continue past his urge to continue and have _Maakies_ turn to mush–or, worse, to have it pass into the paws of some inept hack (like me) and turn even mushier. . . .

    • George Bailey


      This must have been a tough decision. I will miss your little band of merry makers. A weekly ray of sunshine is no more…

    • Millionaire


      It was ONLY lack of venue which motivated me to wrap up my masterpiece. The Glorious Austin Chronicle was the last paper which would print it.

      • DogblovianBoogalator


        In pace drinkyiat.

        Try the Irish Times in Dublin, Tony. Seriously. No one mocks Irish drunks like the Irish. They love that stuff. Also, they have posted an annual 6-7% growth in GDP all through the US and EU “recession.” That is what is really killing ALL print based alternative press venues.

        Major marketing “duh:” why did your sales agent not try on the German press? A foreign exchange student from Germany would love ot do the translation work to conflate their resume and pocket change if you can’t.

  3. sheramil


    the first Maakies strip i ever saw was the one where the mouse climbs the kite string to attack the eagle with a knife. it was the first time i’d had the feeling of humor and fear in the same package; it was funny, but also scary that someone might dream this scenario up, and what’s more, illustrate it beautifully.

    thanks for all the great work.

  4. Anonymous


    I have enjoyed this comic for years, even bought books. Tony, when its time, its time. I am sorry to hear that it is time. Good luck to you in all that you do in the future and please know that you will be missed.
    Memory: I remember the “undertoon” where Tony claimed his wife did not read the strip so he proclaimed there was a $10 bill taped under the toaster (to see if she would find it!) I checked back every week to see what happened.

  5. Reply

    I am so damn sad that I shall be totally sober tonight…

    Joking apart, I am so, so tremendously sad, for Maakies was my favourite company between a rehearsal and the next and into my creative daily routine. Tony Millionaire helped me once – with a tip or two – about my own stage business regarding certain characters… so long.

    I will miss the dark humour, expecially of D’Arcangelo and Drinky Crow (and the french alligators too): it was unique. A truly piece of comic art. We lost so much in those days, talkin’ about comics and creativity.

    Thanks to Tony Millionaire from my deep heart, for everything: his humour, his pen, his tips; thanks to the Maak’s crew, thanks to those silly, paranoid crumbles of madness and revolt against the common day-by-day boredom.

    Thanks. Let them sail free, above the lovecraftian tides.

  6. Anonymous


    It is true that free weeklies have been dropping the strip like the fucking pussies they are.

  7. Anonymous


    You mean, you’ve killed off the character of Captain Maakies in an episode of the strip that you’re still drawing, right?!


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