Art is Unmanly

GROTH: I was under the impression that in the ‘20s and ‘30s, the time when Herriman was working, and Segar, and McCay that it was thought of as an art form.
FEIFFER: No. I don’t know what McCay would have thought, and who knows about Herriman? But most of them didn’t think twice about that. I always thought of it as an art form. My love for Eisner, my love for Caniff, I always thought these guys were artists, and when I brought it up, they got very defensive.
GROTH: What did they think of themselves as, then? Craftsmen?
FEIFFER: Yeah. “This is my job. I’m a cartoonist. What’s all this big deal about art?” Something vaguely unmanly about it.

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16 Responses to Art is Unmanly

  1. Gil Smith says:

    I’ve read that Robert E. Howard’s self-loathing was partly attributed to the fact that he was a writer, which was I guess a job for pussies in the pre-Baby Boomer days, even if all you wrote about was sex and bloodshed.

  2. TonyMillion says:

    Maybe he was…..{gay}

  3. Elvis Nixon says:

    Groth? Pfeiffer? As in Gary Groth and Jules Pfeiffer? The fact that I know who they are makes me feel vaguely unmanly. I best hie me to the gym and work out. But knowing what “hie” means is also unmanly. I’ll hit the titty bar instead. But then again, needing hot babes to validate one’s masculinity is unmanly, as is spouting gibberish about validating one’s masculinity. Fuggit, ya can’t win. Guess I’ll pop in my DVD of the [i]Big Lebowski[i] and forget about it (I take my role models where I can find ‘em).

    • TonyMillion says:

      Watch Master and Commander 4 times, you’ll be fine.
      Going to a titty bar, popping a boner sitting next to a guy you’re talking to, drinking a beer and throwing money at a naked girl is one of the “manliest” things I can think of and I mean manly like why don’t you guys wrestle each other while you stare at the naked girl? Use some body lotion so that you can really work up some good boners to show the girl you’re throwing the money at while you talk to each other and drink the beer. Maybe you could kiss to show the girl how you would do it if you had a girlfriend.

      • RubberCrutch says:

        Your comment perfectly captures the reasons why I’ve never set foot into a titty bar and never will.

        • TonyMillion says:

          Why watch a girl show you tits that you may not touch? It’s like going to a restaurant where they serve you delicious food that you may not eat. When I lived in New York, before the ball and chain, my friends would bring me to the titty bars. After one beer, I’d leave and go home and fuck my girlfriend. Or go to a real bar and try to get one.

    • TonyMillion says:


  4. Nate Balding says:

    Oh that’s the best thing. Ha!

  5. Richie Boy says:

    We had this with Hemmingway, We had this with Pollock. With Hunter Thompson. With John Goddamn Wayne and a score more. All beating their breasts and howling at the moon and creating – for the most part – great art while wondering all the time ‘is this what a man does to earn a living?’

    An artistic temperament and an ability to create greate art are not incompatible with robust hetrosexuality. They may even be at the very core of what a man is, regardless of sexual orientation. We can see that now, in our more modern, moderate society. Jeez Louise, let’s move on!

    • TonyMillion says:

      Once I was hired to do a drawing of a Victorian house. The teen who lived there came out and watched me draw. He said, “What does your dad think about you doing this for a living?” I stood up and said, “What are you implying?” He mumbled and went back inside.

  6. Nic Farra says:

    Pfaff. Best damn sewing machine I ever had, muthafathas!

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