Remember that old TV show?

The Drinky Crow Show

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9 Responses to Remember that old TV show?

  1. jon says:

    I remember the “God of Monkeys” episode. I rewatch it, over and over again. And one bright day, when my work is over, I will wake to find myself in Dirtgirladonia.

  2. that1guy says:

    The wounds are too fresh.

  3. Dr. O says:

    Hopefully it is like a comet and its fire comes around again.

  4. knuclear200x says:

    It’s thank to this cartoon that I have realized your existence…that and now i know what the characters sound like when I read this.

  5. Vijay S. Jodha says:

    A top notch funny video needs to fulfill a twin criteria. It should be universally funny and not merely appeal to a niche audience of nine or ten people. Second it should be universally accessible. Without the second, you will not have the first. Dear Madam/Sir, can’t say if your video is any good as it is inaccessible outside the continental united states, where I am.

  6. The peace time episode is my favorite. Mainly due to the fact that everytime I see a homeless person, I get horribly depressed. Even more so when I realize I’m near brink my self along with a horrible social anxiety that makes performing retail a living a hell.

    God Bless you Tony. :)

  7. Lai-Lai says:

    Hellz yea, I watched a mini marathon of it on Adult Swim On Demand a few days ago. Too bad the series was so short. Why do all the good shows die young? Why do crap series go on forever? Who even watches TV anymore?

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