Is ‘Maakies’ Intended To Disgust People?

Dear Editor,
I never enjoy Maakies when I read it, so I generally ignore it. However, in the April 15 issue, it featured a large picture of a dog’s deep-fried face. Once it caught my eye, I felt sick to my stomach and couldn’t even continue reading the page.
Why do you continue to publish Maakies? Is it intended to disgust people?
The offending strip.

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115 Responses to Is ‘Maakies’ Intended To Disgust People?

  1. Ryan says:

    Oh my god, that is fan mail worth framing!

  2. Todd Alcott says:

    I think the only honest response is “Your point?”

  3. Mike Harris says:

    Bwahahahahaha! Obviously someone who missed the point as it passed over his head at 200 feet with all eight engines blazing.

  4. MRNUTTY says:

    Deep fried dogs’ face. That’s poetry to my ears!

  5. stantheman says:

    As a lifelong member of FAC-U (Folks Against Cartoon Unkindness), let me say that I, too, am disgusted. Disgusted by your imagery of a suicidal crow with a drinking problem. Disgusted by your dirty and salacious monkey uncle. Disgusted by your disturbingly accurate portrayals of animal genitalia. Disgusted by your unabated anthropomorphism. All newspapers should cease publishing your creations posthaste.

    • Paul Wilson says:

      I might also add that I am disturbed by Mr. Millionaire’s graphic description of what appears to be a colostomy he got. This drastic operation -because cancer rot got into his gut- creates as many problems as it solves.

  6. Jim says:

    I love how this guy travelled into the future just so that he could be disgusted by a cartoon.

  7. Paul Wilson says:

    Lately I think “Maakies” IS aiming to disgust people. You see, I have some strips of it from the NYPress up to 1991, and it was funny then, BUT now I have to search for ones that are funny (like the Tea Party nonsense)or Gabby’s endless feud with the Crocodiles. (I hate crocodiles). Gross-out material never appeals to me.

    I once griped to Mr. “Millionaire” who is not a millionaire by any means. He gave me such a harangue that I did not deign to give him a reply.

    • TonyMillion says:

      Maakies started in 1994. What did I harangue at you?

      • TonyMillion says:

        I found it! This is funny:

        Paul Wilson wrote:
        While I found “Billy Hazelnuts” very funny. imaginative, and even Ozian, I find it very difficult to find any strip by you in “Maakies” worth saving in my pic folders. The humor is unacceptable to any mainstream paper . Well, the same goes for “Kaz”. Many items would have gotten you burnt at the stake 500 years ago. Judging by what was in “Maakies” when it was still published in “New York Press”,it has gotten worse.

      • TonyMillion says:

        Tee hee, see how I “hated” him?

        Tony Millionaire wrote:
        What a disagreeable person you are. Are you seriously threatening to burn me at a stake? I hate you.

        • Paul Wilson says:

          Yes, I remember saying that. After 3 such exchanges, I decided that he was keeping up his arguing and I got weary of a fruitless battle. So I just stopped !

          • TonyMillion says:

            It was fruitless in that you were unable to convince me to get my comics up to the standards of the mainstream papers. I heard Kaz was quite steamed that you had pointed out his failure in this area as well.

          • Paul Wilson says:

            I was pointing out that authorities would have given you, the late Kliban, and others- the stake.
            Kaz and Kliban were funnier than you, BUT they went too far at times. Thank your God that you were born 500 years later than you could have been.

            One Joe made the mistake of not waiting 400 years for Punch magazine, before making the statement that the king was a hog and that his cronies were a cat,a rat and a dog. As it was, he got the full deluxe treatment at Tyburn !

          • TonyMillion says:

            Paul! You’re threatening me with death at the Tyburn gallows again! My god will get your god for this!

          • TonyMillion says:

            You’r’e torturing me ,with your poor placement of commas ,and exclamation points !

          • Kelly O'Grady says:

            Paul Wilson, you have the temperament and writing style of a 17th century fop.

          • TonyMillion says:

            He’ll get you ,burned at the stake ,watch it ! ?

  8. Tom Quale says:

    You take the rough with the smooth, don’t you? I’ve been disgusted and horrified by Mr. Millionaire’s work, but I’ve also been delighted and moved (which he probably hates), and I would hate (eternally) the elimination of the delight his art and imagination have given me if the removal of all that disgusted and horrified me in his work had that as its result. One is most likely the soil that produces the other. Suck it up.

  9. Goofy Gorilla says:

    It was a sad allegory about blind ambition of dogs. I think this could represent broader, human behavior rooted in short-term conditioning rather than longer-term consideration.

    • Bristow says:

      Right GG! This reader(?) obviously missed the positive message of loyalty and devotion expressed by the canine. Disgust?! We, as members of “Millionaire-Nation”, are the ones who should be disgusted that such close-minded animal haters are even allowed to utter a word in regards to the sensitive work of Mr. Millionaire. PPthththffffwwwwttttt!!!

    • Goofy Gorilla says:

      No, but think about it. Here we have a poor creature that naturally “leaps before he looks.” He is rewarded for it by his master, who says he is a “good dog!” Are we not, at times and each one of us, this very dog? Haven’t we, through the coaxing of some external agency that assumes mastery over us, committed acts we come to deeply regret, even though we are given a small pittance of approval from that same agency that insisted we undertake dirty, nasty jobs for it? This is no real dog Tony has thrust into a fryer! This is a mirror into our very souls!

      • TonyMillion says:

        Think of the poor soldier who thrusts his body upon the bayonets of his enemy, smiling as he dies for his flag! He is a GOOD SOLDIER!

  10. But the dog looks so cute when he sticks his head in the deep fryer. Doesn’t that balance things out?

  11. Jake B says:


    To offset this fellow’s insular views (I imagine his anus to be quite tightly puckered), I’m letting you know that I have recently stumbled upon your comic through The Modern Drunkard and have been thoroughly delighted with it. It’s become a trend to stay up too late, with a belly full of gin and cheap wine, whilst reading Maakies or watching The Drinky Crow Show. You can fry a dog’s face any day of the week and I’m behind you 100%!

    Your BFF

  12. Dirty Joe says:

    I used to think things weren’t as funny as they used to be until I realised I wasn’t as funny as I used to be. The joys of growing old and boring.

    Deep-fried dog-face is fucking funny. An inoffensive Maakies is like alcohol-free booze, it can fuck off.

  13. Elvis Nixon says:

    I don’t see how any dog owner could find that deep-fry cartoon funny. I seriously considered dropping this site from my bookmarks because of it. Tom Quale’s point occurred to me too, so I forbore, but Paul Wilson is on to something, too. In recent years Tony has gotten perilously close to the tipping point at which the bad stuff outweighs the good. If I see much more stuff like that, I will have to conclude that Tony’s best days as a cartoonist are behind him.

    Humor can be very dark without being sadistic. I hope Tony finds his way back to the right side of that line.

    • TonyMillion says:

      Goodbye Elvis, no need to tag along! Hmmf!

      • TonyMillion says:

        If you look at the two large Maakies collections you can see how the strip goes through various phases. Maakies is my life story, it’s like a diary. It reflects my mental condition. My best days as a Maakies cartoonist are neither behind nor ahead of me, I just draw the strip, and I’ll never quit it.
        I think James knows what I’m talking about. American Elf is my favorite comic strip after my own. It’s personal and steady, It can’t be bad because it’s just what it is.

        • TonyMillion says:

          “If I see much more stuff like that, I will have to conclude that Tony’s best days as a cartoonist are behind him.”
          AND DON’T THREATEN ME!!!

          • Elvis Nixon says:

            I guess that was kind of harsh of me. I see now that despite the ruthlessness of your images you bruise as easily any other sensitive artist. Forget everything I said after the first sentence of my previous post. But I do stand by that first sentence.

          • Elvis Nixon says:

            [This post is just to demonstrate that you can post more than one reply to a post. You don't have to reply to your own posts when you want to add a further comment in response to someone's earlier post to which you've already replied.]

          • TonyMillion says:

            Thanks Elvis! Did everyone get that about how to use a comments board? Don’t bruise sensitive people and don’t reply to your own posts when you want to add a further comment in response to someone’s earlier post to which you’ve already replied unless you decide to reply to your own posts when you want to add a further comment in response to someone’s earlier post to which you’ve already replied. Otherwise it looks like you’re replying to your own posts when you want to add a further comment in response to someone’s earlier post to which you’ve already replied unless you decide to reply to your own posts when you want to add a further comment in response to someone’s earlier post to which you’ve already replied.

          • Elvis Nixon says:

            By George, I think he’s got it.

        • MRNUTTY says:

          American Elf is hilarious. Thanks for that tip Tony, and bless you for your marvelous comics too!

          Ps: is horrifying!

        • Paul Wilson says:

          Just as James Thurber got bitterer in his pieces (such as “the Whippoorwill” – a favorite of mine,tho.) when he finally went blind as the result of a childhood eye injury, you seem to be reflecting your grousing about the way your gut’s behaving.

    • TonyMillion says:

      Please tell me you are not

      • Elvis Nixon says:

        No, I’m not Someone stole my alias! Oh wait, I see he’s been blogging since 2009. I guess he thought of it first. Dang! I’ll have to change my name. No, wait! I used this alias on the Onion AV Club bulletin board before 2009, before I … uh … stopped reading the Onion because I felt they crossed a line between satire and bigotry in some of their pieces. Well, to heck with it, I’m still going to retire this pseudonym.

        • Paul Wilson says:

          The Onion has some pretty screwy comics: Wondermark, the Spats, ….

        • EF says:

          Knowing of your disapproval will enhance my already great fondness for ‘The Onion’. I love things that pretentious pseudo-intellectual idiots hate.
          Right at you to Mr. Wilson, just so ya don’t feel left out.

    • I look forward to the day the bad stuff outweighs the good. Boil a kitten’s bollocks for me Tony!


  14. Inky says:

    I guess last month’s licking of dog balls passed inspection?

  15. will c. says:

    The dawg survived, right? It also got the ball, I believe. That’s a celebration of “man’s best friend.” But, hey… who the fuck am I?

    • TonyMillion says:

      Yes, it got the ball! It is a GOOD DOG!!!

      • Paul Wilson says:

        A “Good Soldier” marches off to war -and is lucky to come back at all ! Hogarth did a picture story where a man leaves his hearth and family because the FAT general is blowing a horn and goes off to a senseless war. The man finally returns -sans an eye, a leg and much weight -and hasn’t been given any promotion to compensate. He now can not provide for his family -back then, crippled war vets generally became beggers . No vet services or affordable prosthetic limbs. A Grosz or Dix pic showed German war vets dragging themselves around in little carts past a medical supply store because the artificial limbs were priced beyond their reach. Eventually the Jews got blamed for the high prices -and you know what happened THEN !
        But I digress. Dogs have limited awareness.

        • Thanks to Paul Wilson, now I have the image of a war veteran on a crate roller wheeling past a shop colored with traditional Jewish relics and screaming “TO WAR!” before swinging his moving bricks ahead.

  16. Cole Closser says:

    Maakies has always run the gamut from grotesquely offensive to heartbreaking and poignant. That’s one of the many great strengths of the strip. My two personal favorites are the one where Gabby drives the speedboat with the captain’s daughter and thinks she can smell his hard-on, and the one where Drinky Crow, most-likely sick with the deetees, kicks an empty bottle before looking up to see the top of a beautiful, old building, framed by flying birds. The first strip is crass, vulgar, and fuckin’ funny, while the second strip makes me happy that I haven’t yet killed myself, because there’s still beauty in the world if I (the reader) choose to look up once in a while.

    Anyone who is so offended by a slapstick “fried dog” that they would choose to abandon the strongest comic currently running, doesn’t have any god damn sense — and is welcome to get their daily affirmations from the modern mutilation of “Nancy” (which I find grotesque and offensive) on some other website. I’m sure Tony won’t suffer great emotional or financial pain at the loss of your free “subscription.”

    As my mama used to tell me, growin’ up, “Fuck ‘em if they can’t take a joke.”

    • TonyMillion says:

      My hero! Just look at these amazing comics:

    • TonyMillion says:

      Unfortunately my friend Maury told me that he had seen Jerry Lee Lewis walk into a room and a lady asked him, “You smell good, what do you have on?” He replied, “I got a hard-on, but I didn’t know you could smell it.” It turns out it’s an old joke. I thought I was stealing directly from JLLewis. I was busted and received many bust emails.

  17. Cole Closser says:

    Doesn’t change a thing for me, sir!

  18. Olentzero says:

    You have to wonder if the complainant above was any less disturbed by the recent strip of Mr. Millionaire shooting an entire family dead because Papa backed out into a busy street. I’m not complaining about either strip; I’m just wondering why the reader in question was disturbed enough about a poor cartoon doggie’s deep-fried face to write in but apparently let a triple homicide slip by without comment. Warped perspectives – but not deliciously warped like Mr. Millionaire’s.

  19. Robertdee says:

    If they don’t want shit on their face, maybe they should stop swishing their heads around in unflushed toilets.

  20. Bristow says:

    Wow, Tony… you have really stirred up the masses. Nothing like the feeling of a bunch of adventurous, fun-loving, comics pirates coming to your aid when one single close-minded Garfield lover gets his feelings hurt looking at a great Maakies strip.
    Fantastic fun! Post more hate mail!

    • Ike says:

      This juxtaposition is a common phenomenon, actually. I believe TV and movie writers have commented on it: You can kill off a whole bunch of humans on TV or in a movie and nobody will make a peep, but kill a dog or a cat on TV or in a movie and people will freak out and go nuckin’ futz. Actually I have the same reaction even though I realize it’s irrational. The deep-fried dog face kind of freaks me out, even though I generally believe that dogs are far too obedient for their own good, and this seems like a trenchant comment on that. Anyway, I’m not put off reading Maakies. Well, I’m an irregular reader anyway but there’s no doubt I’ll be back again irregularly as always.

  21. Brandon says:

    1. The only appropriate answer is “Whilst not THE primary aim, disgust often is part”.

    2. I am often disgusted myself.

    3. We need to be disgusted regularly or else we cannot our humanity, if any.

    • Robertdee says:

      The disgust registered by the idiot has bothered me some more. I love Maakies and I consider it profound. Its about being in the gutter looking at the stars which is not always pretty, but always divine. It has a richer poetic beauty than being in suburbia looking at the Ikea catalog and pretending that death never happens like this flatulent cunt.

  22. Thomas Stein says:

    I wonder what those critics would say about S. Clay Wilson’s art! Your stuff is laugh out loud funny, most times! If Bill Gaines was still living, he would love your strip! Please continue to stick to your guns, any way you want to!

    • TonyMillion says:


    • Paul Wilson says:

      S. Clay Wilson (no relation) was not a nice person. His characters do not bear describing. I wouldn’t have such persons in my home. I quickly figured that the characters and doings of Robert Crumb, S.Clay Wilson, Moscoso, etc., were designed to offend, disgust, alienate, and to be a smash at everything nice ,beautiful, healthy, sane, meaningful and peaceful. It was a sort of latter-day Dada (protest movement stemming from the pointlessness of WWI).

      • TonyMillion says:

        What a historian!

        • TonyMillion says:

          Paul Wilson would not have the Checkered Demon or Captain Pissgums in his home! He disapproves of Crumb, Wilson, and Moscoso, yet compares them to the Dadaists (which he describes as a protest movement in parenthesis.) Everyone join me in mocking Paul Wilson, (who has a hard time placing commas.)

  23. that1guy says:

    Joke ‘em if they can’t take a fuck.

  24. Gil Smith says:

    I’m not sure I see a point in comics that refuse to be vulgar and repulsive and dark. Life is often vulgar and repulsive and dark, why should only a few forms reflect that? The same people calling for comics, cartoons and video games to be banned probably beat each other senseless to be first in line to defend A Serbian Film or Piss Jesus.

  25. Nic Farra says:

    “A passion for destructyion is a creative passion too.” Mikhail Bakunin, when the Salt Junk Sarah was still sailing coast of Carrabee. Stick that in your pipes and leave.

  26. Jace says:

    Good Dog Carl!

  27. What a terrible thing it is to be offended by something, how awful and soul crushing, how could anybody ever get on with their miserable, empty, boring existence after being offended by something?

  28. Stephen Cavaseno says:

    When I saw that poor, retched dog with the burnt, seared flesh dripping from his incinerated smiling face… I laughed.

  29. Paul Lukas says:

    Everyone’s overlooking the best part about the strip: If you look at the menu above the deep-fryer, a hamburger costs only 35 cents and french fries are A FUCKING QUARTER!

    Like so many of the worlds Tony creates, this one is a nostalgic paradise where food is cheap, little boys wear propeller beanies, and dogs are free to fry their faces off. It’s not offensive; it’s romantic.

  30. schlimmerkerl says:

    As someone who has a dog, the fried one made me sad. If ours got hurt, i would have to kill and murder the perpetrator. At the very least, i can make obscene gestures to bad motorists as he is very fierce and would bite the face of anyone who came near me. Therefore: sad.

    Miscreants were hanged at Tyburn, not usually burned there. NB: during the periods of many burnings, people would come from miles away to stick their faces as close as possible to the burnee. They returned to their villages with a “sunburn” and singed eyebrows. There was a name for these enthusiasts, but i’m too lazy to look up the reference.

    Cole Closser reminds me of “The Closer” which, in turn, provides a weekly reminder never to say anything whatever to the police.

    • TonyMillion says:

      I have a small white dog, don’t know the breed. We got her at the humane society. I would never let her eat french fries straight out of the fryer. That would be sad.

      • John M. says:

        Dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs. People and their god damned dogs.

        If I send you some pictures of my wife’s fucking CAT, would you draw a cartoon where he gets drop-kicked out of a closed window into the path of a garbage truck? Oh, wait, I don’t have to send you pictures, because ALL CATS LOKK THE SAME.

        I would never actually hurt the poor little kitty cat; nor would I ever inflict hatrm to a loveable pooch unless the damned cur were attacking me and I needed to defend myself. HOWEVER, cartoons about violence against dogs and cats are not only unoffensive, they are absolutely NECESSARY for maintenance of non-violent relations between the cute furry lil’ darlings and those of us who do not care very much for their company.

        • TonyMillion says:

          I love cute kitties and doggies, but I see your point. The thing is, you can kill and drop kick people, kids, deer, monkies, crows, rats, chimps and even butterflies in comics, but if you want to get a good publicity stunt going, fuck with a kitty/doggy.

        • TonyMillion says:

          ALL CATS LOOK THE SAME made me laugh. I’ve had about 25 cats in my life and it was the same cat with different fur colors. I think that’s where the theory of re-incarnation came from.

          • John M. says:

            That cat finally did die. I actually kind of liked him, although he was a one of those cats who look right at you and knock something off a shelf just to piss you off. It was odd how he could scowl. Although he was kind of malicious,he could be quite nice when you were feeling bummed out or sick with the flu or something. I involuntarily gave out a sort of half-groan, half-laughing sound when I picked his stiff little body off the basement floor and put it in a bag. Poor old cat.

  31. Tony, it’s not your fault the offended do not know how to one-up and properly shun the idiots who take your comic to a despicable degree.

    Wait, you’re not a satirical comic.

    My bad.

  32. Wait, I could’ve been that kid! I grew up with literally no sense of reality and thinking that windows would never break!


  33. Kurtsblow says:

    It is intended to delight in the way only itself and drunken schadenfreude can.

  34. knuclear200x says:

    You know what’s really disgusting?

    “The Far Side” rip-offs. All you have to do is draw one panel and add a BIG paragraph on the bottom of it, and it’s considered funny.

    • TonyMillion says:

      Family Guy is pretty bad too… but that’s subjective.

      • Paul Wilson says:

        The Far Side seldom offended -was just misunderstood at times – and didn’t bother with continuity or consistency.

        Family Goy ,however, is a different story. It was X-rated and how it stayed on network TV, is quite beyond me !

        • Nic Farra says:

          B Kliban was my man. No disrespect to Larson, but I have always found Hap’s B52 women (speshly the ones with tails) to to hotter and dumber. I think I’m the only only one in New Zealand to finger myself silly with laughter over “Dirty Fat Person Sits on President’s Face” and “I’m sorry, he’s wasting his life right now and can’t come to the phone.”

          I cried when he died.

        • EF says:

          NONONONO! Wilson. You are trying to make me like ‘Family Guy’. Fuck you. Wait, I don’t like ‘Family Guy’ because it’s X-rated or offensive. I don’t like ‘Family Guy’ because IT’S NOT FUCKING FUNNY.

  35. Fleces says:

    I find it disgusting that someone can be disgusted at the oil burned dog’s face (when the cartoon depiction shows that the dog itself clearly did not mind the injury) and yet cartoons like Family Circus, Cathy and YES, dare I say, Peanuts (Charlie Brown) are TOTALLY devoid of humor. They’re offensive because they’re utterly meaningless.
    I often find myself perplexed at some of the Maakies strips and sometimes they’re a bit too crude for my preference, but none the less appreciated because when Tony Millionaire hits one on the spot, it is epic. The cartoon on the side of the drinky crow toy box is one of my favorite strips of any comic ever.

    So you don’t like it. So you’re disgusted. How about just not looking then? Your protest actually worked against your point since so many people are now interested in this comic because of your statement. The best way to kill an idea is to ignore it.

    Keep it up, Tony. I hope your next one makes me vomit on sight.

    • EF says:

      The first ten years or so of ‘Peanuts’ is brilliant. However, if you are referring to the absolutely unoriginal drivel he produce the last 25 years of his life then I agree.

  36. NMmatt says:

    Christ almighty, the line has been crossed and is far into the distance… THERE IS NO FREAKING LINE!! Brilliance is on the knife’s edge between… Wait, what I mean to say is “fuck it.”

  37. Lai-Lai says:

    I love dark, vulgar, violent, politically incorrect humor. If you’re almost 30 & you like Maakies, chances are you were a fan of Duckman back in the day.

  38. Nomenclature says:

    I love Maakies, but I’d have to admit that surely some of TM’s strips are intended to be at least a little bit offensive–or “gross,”if not exactly “offensive.” There’s a few here and there that are a little too gross for my tastes. I think it would be clear from only a brief artistic analysis of his strips that some of the weird and vulgar images are intended to get a bit of a rise out of people, but I think provocation or surprise is part of what makes the Maakies formula work. What’s interesting is that some people respond favorably to the shock and surpise, and those (including myself) would be denoted as fans, while others (like the hapless complainer above), would not be labeled as such, but for exactly the same reason.

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