An old favorite…

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  1. Nic Farra says:

    I took my then-girlfriend. She stormed out angry that
    a) I would like a film like that;
    b) I would see it more than once, and
    c) I would take her along to it.

    Years later the lighting designer at a show I had written and performed overheard almost exactly the same conversation between two lovers walking out. “That’s it,” I thought, “I’m up there with David Lynch.” Of course nothing’s ever actually come of that…

    • Jake B says:

      I have been tempted to watch this ever since I heard of it.
      Yes, I’m one of those formally known as “those God Damned Teenagers”.

      Watching other youtube videos showing it has convinced me. Tonight is the night I become a man.

  2. MRNUTTY says:

    In 1986 I saw Eraserhead and Liquidsky together. I still can’t decide which I liked better!

  3. J T Guerrero says:

    I watchd Eraserhead when I was at UT during the 80s. The film started with 20 people in the theater, before the end about 15 walked out. Didn’t see that many people walk out on a film since Clockwork Orange!

  4. Admiral Dry Rot says:

    They had Eraserhead as a midnight movie at the Fargo Theatre and there were SIX people in the damn theater. I thought, “For a city full of dumbass hipsters, they sure don’t know a good movie when it comes around..” I later made a white-on-black stencil of the common Eraserhead ‘logo’ on a shirt.

    A while before that a good friend of mine saw A Clockwork Orange and would NOT stop with the ^%$! nadsat…

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