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20 Responses to Pretty

  1. Mat says:

    Very nice. … very nice

  2. Bristow says:

    Yes… pretty.

  3. Hovercraft says:

    Will be visiting Gloucester in a couple of weeks for the St. Peter’s Fiesta–do you have fond memories of the greasy pole contest?

  4. Jwbalsley says:

    Hanging out in the crows nest. Pretty color!

  5. Alan says:


  6. Edward Kaye says:

    That’s a big crow. What a wonderful piece!

  7. Daniel Werneck says:

    You can create a whole psychological test with this image. “Do you see a giant crow, or a tiny boat?”

  8. that1guy says:

    Not pretty. Fucking BEAUTIFUL.

  9. Ian says:

    Hello new wallpaper.

    What would really make my day is if you posted a high resolution scan of this drawing:

    It’s my favourite.

  10. Ricky says:

    I can’t comment!

  11. Nic Farra says:

    The beautifully nuanced wash immediately put me in mind of “Breezing Up” by Winslow Homer. However the deeper I got into it the more I could see the ponderous moodiness, the pathetic fallacy of JMW Turner. This is up there with the great seascapes. Your characteristic heavy line makes the sea truly a harsh mistress and Drinky Crow’s nest is a trap for sure. No way out of that one outside of blowing his brains out! A massive doorstop of a tome tracing your art should be in the works. Maurice Sendak? Bah! The Bodleigh Head? Pooh!

  12. Lee says:

    I would gladly buy this for WAY more than a dollar.

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