Amazing new MAAKIES!

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  1. Paul Wilson says:

    I heard that some “rare earth” element such as Gadolinium (my memory is garbled at this point) has proven useful in generating an invisibility field ! Researchers in Paris acheived this .

    Also Gabby’s action would convert his mass into pure energy, far beyond an H-bomb, but nothing like a new Big Bang. Better chance of time travel via a Hadron Collider (but only for subatomic particles).

    • John M. says:

      And here I’ve just been using a hunk of gadolinium to hold down my trash can lid so the squirrels don’t get into it! Who knew!

    • K. says:

      Gadolinium claim is nonsense, sorry.

      However, Tony got quite a bit right. Let’s see now, average weight of a chimp is about 37kg. Double that ( remember, there’s an antigabby’s worth of mass to consider as well ). Apply Einsteins famous formula, E=mC^2, and I get ~6.65*10^18 Joules. That’s about 1600 megatons of TNT. The biggest bomb yet tested (Tsar Bomba in former SU ) yielded about 50 megatons. So 32 such bombs detonated at once would yield one Gabby.

      • TonyMillion says:

        Would it blow us into the Next Universe?

        • Nic Farra says:

          Now that would blow!

        • that1guy says:

          If it’s any comfort, Tony, “VOING!!!” was indeed the sound made by the Big Bang in accordance with the observed anisotropic variations in the 3K blackbody cosmic background radiation as extrapolated back to 10 exp -43 sec after the event, and interpreted musically on a vintage Moog synthesizer.

          You’re welcome.

  2. Bristow says:

    “The Accountant” is fucking funny!

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