The Tijuana Bibles

I wish I could find the TB where Popeye is being fucked by Mae West and he says, I yam what I yam and I feels what I yam, SO SQUAT, BABY!

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9 Responses to The Tijuana Bibles

  1. Popeye is the best porn star. I like the puddles that form under the fuck-points. The women in the Popeye cartoon look and act the way I feel women should act. I like their hair styles, too.

  2. Felipe Thirteen says:

    I have a reprint of it if you’re interested. Please remit.

    -Felipe Thirteen

  3. Bristow says:

    Watch out honey… that “old goat” has just eaten his spinach!

  4. Paul Wilson says:

    Apparently he either never heard of masturbation or he’s got something against it ! Also this is NOT the old country: women shave their armpits here !!

  5. Jeff Flowers says:


    I think it would be interesting to see a version of this panel drawn by you, especially since there appears to by a tugboat in the background.

  6. Kurtsblow says:

    Somehow, seeing cartoon characters engaged in sexual activity with other characters drawn in a different style just feels wrong.

  7. that1guy says:

    Popeye fucks like a champ. Never could figure out why that’s not an Olympic event.

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