Klaus, son of Kleas, son of Wachtel, King of the Midgets under the Mountain

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49 Responses to Klaus, son of Kleas, son of Wachtel, King of the Midgets under the Mountain

  1. Carlos Mal says:

    I’ve been following Maakies religiously since I discovered it in 2000. I must say that I enjoy how the author of this strip has started to have a dialogue with his readers thanks to the Internet and social networks. I liked the “old” Maakies, but I’m sure as hell that I want to know how this new “Internet-fueled” Maakies turns out. I’m truly enjoying this very crazy ride.

  2. Please continue the saga of the Son of Wachtel …

  3. Fred Hastings says:

    Finnish the god damned story. If you listen to asses like that you’d be doing the same formulaic crap that everyone else does. However it would be nice of uncle gabby just suddenly killed everyone for no reason.

  4. Nic Farra says:

    Q> Anyone want to know how this one turns out?
    A> What do you fuckin’ think?

  5. ben says:

    i kinda agree with jon saulnier to be honest, but i wont stop reading maakies over it or anything

  6. Darren says:


  7. Jeff says:

    Keep it going, but just don’t let Peter Jackson get hold of the movie rights!

  8. david destin says:

    i’m a big fan of your work, and i enjoy your more abstract and inscrutable pieces as much as the scatalogical stuff. sometimes more, depending on my mood. as a fellow unrepentant drunkard who has mercilessly pummeled his liver into a quivering whimpering caitiff, i most strongly resonate with the exploits of drinky crow and the “liver on the run”. like you, i am also constrained to the “beer only” diet, as anything more sends me into a spiralling nosedive into madness and depravity, followed by days of retching and the spins. so Tony, i feel yer pain, draw what makes you happy, and as Bob says, “fuck ‘em if they can’t take a joke.” D

  9. John M. says:

    Cats are only scary if have upholstery you care about.

  10. SomeRandomLurker says:

    Some of the coolest stories I’ve seen happened when an artist diverged from their “usual” comic. The most recent example is what Jason Yungbluth is doing with Deep Fried/Weapon Brown.
    If nothing else, I’d think “Guy who doesn’t like epic side story” and the earlier “Guy who doesn’t like the regular dick jokes” cancel each other out, yeah?

  11. Aaron says:

    I am posting my opinion of comics and the what direction they should take on the internet!

  12. Pandy says:

    You should ask the good Dr. Ross what he thinks about these shenanigans.

  13. mike r baker says:

    This is ridiculous! And quite glorious, actually. “Blackie” on his honqueing goose would make an awesome t-shirt.

    More, please.

  14. Alan says:

    [BLEEP] Jon, more absurd story!

  15. mike whybark says:



    I like the franco-algebraic dialogues aussi.

  16. Adam says:

    I had a good chuckle at the “& # 3 9 ;”

  17. Taylor says:

    OK, so you definitely topped that opening salvo. And your dialogue were so powerful it clearly overdrove the capacitors in your lettering robot.

    Congratulations – and more please! Sköl!

    • TonyMillion says:

      The capacitors were busted in my first attempt at an online translator. I loved the fucked-up, but I won’t use the on-line again.

  18. Eric S says:

    Stupendous! More!

  19. knuclear200x says:

    Whoo! 4th WALL BREAK! and yet I don’t get this thing for i am an uncultured swine.

  20. Goofy Gorilla says:

    Mon dieu! C’est super!

  21. Bristow says:

    The only french I understand is Inspector Clouseau. “Does your dog bite?” I love that kind of french!
    That being said, Aller de l’avant et continuer à créer comic excellence !

  22. Gabriel Tripp says:

    I would very much like to see the ending of this D:<
    Please continue the story D:<
    The inking on the last panel on this one is amazing! D: D:<
    Seriously though please continue! I hope you do more story arcs; I like the subject matters and aesthetics that you work with!

  23. “Pandy Fackler” is a great Ween song, Tony.

  24. sheafo says:

    glad the sub-script is still funny. poop is still effin hilarious

  25. Jwbalsley says:

    So much crazy stuff to stare at! Thanks for making my Saturday afternoon!


  26. NMmatt says:

    You draw funny cartoons??


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