Union busters!

I was talking to a guy about Union-busting comics today. Here is mine from a few years ago.………………Click for Larger

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10 Responses to Union busters!

  1. Nick says:

    Ha, that strip was a hit with me and my fellow members of the, Marine Engineers Beneficial Association, it can be found posted somewhere in just about all of our union halls.


  2. Bristow says:

    Notice the brick against the noggin doesn’t even physically affect Gabby…ha!
    And his P-Coat is stylin’!
    Great joke on the bottom strip as always. Good time to bust out a classic, Tony.

  3. SomeRandomLurker says:

    I… almost want that shirt. I would almost totally buy it.

  4. Martin Olson says:

    nice political paradoxical one

  5. Nagsworth says:

    Ah, a classic! Only the other night I was leafing past this in some book or other wot you dun did.

  6. stantheman says:

    One of my favorites. I had it on my office door for a few years, but we did some remodeling recently and the movers stole it – must have been non-union. The best part is the “hard tack too hard” picket sign. Just a thing of beauty.

  7. Cross-eyed Boxing Octopus says:

    Superb. I have been a permatemp in power plant construction cost estimating and aerospace manufacturing quality assurance documentation for 31 years, so I am more than familiar with the nuances and absurdities of the American managemtn/labor paradigm. If you wish to explore story line development of the types of diversified industrial sabotage opportunities of which IT rent-a-whores have availed themselves like Lotte Lenyas in “Three Penny Opera,” I would be happy to script a few panels, including one of the first instances of this Space Invaders For Real gaming: what really happened to create Iran Contra in the 1980′s at Huge Aircrash Corpseration USAF plant #44 in Tucson, AZ.

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