NEW (Improved??) SOBER MAAKIES!!

OK! So let’s start the voting. You can vote here or on Facebook. WHICH IS BETTER, DRUNK OR SOBER?

(click to enlarge)

This is the sober one. The drunk one is one post below.

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79 Responses to NEW (Improved??) SOBER MAAKIES!!

  1. Hyper Pandy says:

    The sober one is better, due to the superior acting of the pie shop employee and the increased Pandy clarity.

  2. Inky says:

    little details in the sober one are a lot nicer, but the drunk one feels more animated/lively and the punchline builds up better I think? I like the drunk version best.

    years of lab testing might find the perfect sober/drunk balance

  3. jwbalsley says:

    I agree with Inky, I like the drawing of sober Maakies, but I also enjoy the drunk energy, (drenergy?)-and animated feel of the drunk Maakies. But I’ll vote for the sober one this time as the art is more focused, it also has a fun mini comic. What ever did Uncle Gabby to to the olive oil?


  4. Gil Smith says:

    I like the spontaneity of the drunk Maakies, but the tight, finished work of the sober Maakies. It’s a tough choice, especially because isn’t drunken drawing exactly how Maakies got started? It would seem wrong to NEVER draw drunk. Maybe you could pencil drunk and ink sober, or vice versa.

    • TonyMillion says:

      I was actually pretty drunk for the sober one.

    • Paul Wilson says:

      I wrote a computer program the last time I was drunk. It only needed some upgrades and touches since, and it worked well -until the computer it was written on quit on me and ,being “obsolete” could not be fixed.

      I have not touched drink for ~40 years. As my father and grandfather both had drinking problems (liquor bottles hidden in the house) and as I have much anger against the world, it’s best. I prefer diet sodas.

  5. Bristow says:

    As much as I enjoy a good comic strip slur, I will cast my vote for the Sober Maakies as well. The drawing is perfect Millionaire linesmanship and the mini-comic (so many times my favorite part of Maakies) is great!
    Please do not let that keep you from sharing those late night gems though!

  6. Holly Rose says:

    Sober strip has the superior drawing in it, but Uncle Gabby is more emotive in the drunken version. That’s what makes it so much more compelling. But because of the drawing, and, yes, the mini strip, I have to vote sober on this one. But I agree with the others–please don’t take the booze out of Maakies entirely!

  7. Mike Stephens says:

    I agree with Gil – maybe get good and ripped to do your pencils – then sober up before you start inking. I guess in this case I prefer the sober Maakies. I’m a big fan of your line work – I aspire to match your level of greatness….. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, and so forth…

  8. Paul Wilson says:

    The sober one is better because the joke in the bottom border is intelligible and not cramped. Still, the Nam myoho renge koyo -or whatever- is to me, a heretic Buddhist chant and I heard nothing but negative about its adherents.

  9. Rich Janney says:

    Truthfully, I like them both. What I’d really like to see is one inked while you are high. Only then can I make a proper evaluation.

  10. Quill says:

    I like the top drunken, and the bottom sober

    just like my ladies

  11. John M. says:

    I think the punch line in the drunk one is funnier. Also, the dark dinginess of the cafe in the drunk one is good. But the sober one is more of a pleasure to just look at.

    So: drunk one for the comic thrills, sober one to hang on the wall. Kind of like marriage.

  12. adam says:

    id say youre just going to have to draw with a buzz going from now on

  13. K. says:

    Sober one is all around better. I liked the “close eyes” text in Pandys speech bubble in the wasted version: a drunken advance in typesetting.

  14. D says:

    I like the clarity of the drawings in the sober one better, but I like the last two panels in the drunken version better since it has more energy to it and give the joke more visual punch.

    I say the sober one is better most of the time but a drunken one would be good every 10th strip

  15. Jeremy Hornik says:

    I like the sober one better. But the me of 15 years ago would definitely have preferred the drunk one. Also, I am making this decision when sober, so that’s probably a bias as well.

    It’s interesting that the perspective shows that you are more looking down on Gabby in the drunk one. You are literally a little bit high.

  16. NMmatt says:

    I prefer drunk…

  17. Dan says:

    The main comic in the drunk one has more energy and bile. The mini comic in the sober version is fantastic, though.

    Verdict: The Drunk One.

  18. shu says:

    Sober is better. Gorgeous lines! I’m glad Drinky crow showed up in the background of the drunken one though. He knew there was beer around

  19. stantheman says:

    The muffin in the drunk version looks much more delicious. So I go with drunk.

  20. ben says:

    1st 3 panels, sober

    last 2 panels, drunken

    a yin and yang hybrid wins the day

  21. Shaun says:

    The sober one is better, but I have to admit that the drunken one has a certain charm.

    Ever thought of doing a single, large print, repeating the same image (perhaps Uncle Gabby or Captain’s Daughter) over and over, having a drink between each? Show the progress from sober to sloshed.

  22. Bolack says:

    The sloppy lettering of drunk Maakies was horribly distracting. Also, I prefer “That’ll be $2.95″ to “That’s 2.95.” I vote sober.

  23. Eric S says:


  24. Rob McBroom says:

    I’m going with the sober one. Both were good for different reasons but the mini comic implying Uncle Gabby had sex with the olive oil put it over the top.

  25. Nic Farra says:

    I prefer sober whilst drunk!

  26. LP says:

    The sober version is much sharper and shows greater attention to perspective and detail, but the drunken version is livelier and richer in character. If it was intended to be a blueprint or some other sort of schematic drawing the sober one would win, but for entertainment’s sake, the drunken version is far superior. Looking at a number of older strips in the Treasury, I think perhaps some amalgamation of the two styles would work best.

  27. Pandy says:


  28. Roahboam Chisenhall jr. says:

    More Fucky and Mr. Jynx! I made a movie once, 40% of it while I was blacked out- 93 minutes of me drinking, fucking and fighting. Trust me, the method does work. You’re funnies are funny in a special way- who needs well crafted punchlines?

  29. Derek says:

    This is your basic Apollonian vs. Dionysian dichotomy.
    I like the Dionysian darkness and energy of the drunken one but prefer the Apollonian clarity of the sober one. Gabby’s expression makes more sense and sells the punchline better in the sober one too.

  30. Brian says:

    The skill of the artist is shown in the sober, the soul of the artist is shown in the drunk.

  31. rahnefan says:

    Drunk or sober, the 2nd one is better, but save all the drunken ones for an awesome before-and-after collection for the low low price of 11.95! Everybody wins.

  32. Paul Wilson says:

    I avoid roadside mystics like “Pandy” who is a heretic in both versions.

    By the way, you should do the progressive sloshed sequence.

    Brandy and water.
    Branny and warrer
    Bran war

  33. Bicoid Babe says:

    The sober one is clearer but I like the drunk one better.

  34. slappy snozzbottom says:

    I was too drunk to tell the difference, and I never trust teetotalers in these situations. So I choose the sober one in order to fuck with everyones’ minds. Including my own..

  35. Goofy Gorilla says:

    The earlier posted comic is very clearly the better piece. The grotesque, claustrophobic depiction of the cookie shop, the obviously superior Gabby expression in the final panel, and the the way Pandy’s stand diminishes and melts away, as well as the general energetic feeling of the lines makes the second comic seem like a sterile mockery in comparison. Though I’m sure it would be fine without context, I can’t enjoy the latter comic having seen the former.

    • TonyMillion says:

      Strange, I feel the same way. It is a hollow ghost of the frenetic drunken one.

    • Goofy Gorilla says:

      I also think that the lower comic is better in the original if you ignore everything after the first line, which is sublime (the first line, that is).

  36. Chester says:

    Despite my upbringings, I think I have to vote for the sober version. I hope one day you’ll come to forgive me.

  37. renee French says:

    the drunk one is like the marx brothers and the sober one is like bob and ray.

  38. James Kochalka says:

    I think the drunken one is largely better, because the drawing is way more intense and scary looking. However, the sober one is easier to read. And there’s nothing about that particular joke that necessarily calls for intense and scary drawing, I suppose.

    However, the issue at hand might not be drunk vs. sober, but rather first draft vs. refinement.

    So, I can’t decide.

    • TonyMillion says:

      The best thing about this comic two-time is the ability for the reader to decide. The process of making comics is tricky, and keeping it alive is the biggest trick. James and I both use the trick of never using a ruler for the boxes. Most cartoonists use ruled boxes and sometimes a finely honed drawing line kills the feeling that the strip is being drawn by an alive person, possibly someone you know. I even purposely squiggle my lines when drawing a long border. I want you to know I’m here and I’m not a machine.
      The funniest stuff I read in school was always, “Look at what my brother Lenny drew!” Funnier than Mad Magazine. Sam Henderson is the master of “Look what Sam drew.”

      • Bristow says:

        I never use a ruler to make a line. I freehand everything in my comic. A hand drawn comic with a computerized box or a font ruins it for me. I purposely keep my comic looking like something me and my friends would have sketched out on the backs of our notebooks in the 8th grade. Sure, the perspective may not be technically perfect, the angle of the shadows may not be technically perfect, but that would never hinder me from telling my story exactly the way I want to tell it.
        A TOAST!!…

  39. richtommaso says:

    Sober one. Much better. That’s all I can say.

  40. Drinky Finch says:

    The drunken one is the better one.

  41. knuclear200x says:

    Dang, I like the sober one for its clean look but I like the drunken one for its classic look. What if…you accurately copy every detail of the drunken one while youre sober?

  42. Dr. O says:

    I like crazy. The drunk one is much more nuts.

  43. Warren says:

    Sober. Sorry about that.

  44. sober ape says:

    The sober one is drawn better, the punchline a bit more concise. but if i were drunk when reading these, i think i might like the drunken one better. damn sobriety!

  45. Patrick says:

    When I was in sales I always did a much better job selling if I had a killer hangover. What do Maakies look like when you have a super hangover?

  46. JP says:

    The sober extra strip at the bottom is millions of times better. I want to do that now!

  47. Mace Avam says:

    The sober one is better all-around. the text is less cramped.

  48. Paul Wilson says:

    Pandy is a heathen oracle. “Uncle” Gabby is not only a dirty, nit-infested ape, but a heathen. No real Christian “wants things”.

    This may be a late post, BUT I just had to say this last comment on this. I already long added it to my pic files.

  49. Paul Wilson says:

    Uncle Gabby is a heathen. The chant is a heathen chant derived from a Buddhist sect. Also Christians do not “want things”.The oracle is also heathen.

    If I somehow failed to post this, and just THINK I did – well., I posted it now ! Enjoy !

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