War is Terrible..

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  1. Pandy says:

    Duh, libel perse? Why is Dr. Ross’s IQ dropping so rapidly? Where and what is this podcast?

    I like the comics with unanswered questions. This is something I feel you do extremely well, Tony. You trap the reader inside a fantasy realm where everything seems real and tangible (like The Matrix) and then proceed to tickle our philosophical bones with your musings on drunkenness, the universe, et al. (like The Matrix.) Please explain?

    Yours truly,

  2. John M. says:

    Talk to the hand, Frenchie.

    Also, I wonder what turd rail the bottom strip is about.

  3. Justin says:

    Monseigneur Crocofrenchie has been pimp slapped!

    That reminds me of this:


  4. Tyke says:

    Let me give you a hand

  5. Random Interloper says:

    Re: bottom strip – RAD. I still have my copies of LAC vols. 1/2. The fact the cur in question is in the LAT op/ed section from time to time disturbs me nearly as much as when that mouth breather Ramirez took Conrad’s spot.

  6. Nic Farra says:

    The gauntlet is thrown! Take ZAT, Frenchies!

  7. Kelly O'Grady says:


    Today is my birthday, It’s 1:26 I’m 24 years old. I’m a cartoonist in San Francisco, Is this a wise decision? I’am terrible at everything else, but I can draw cartoons. I don’t know jack shit about computers. Do I just stick it out?!!! I’ve reached a point where I know the way I’ve been living is dumbshitretarted, but It’s seemed to work to this point. Can you please give me some advice. Also the girl I lost my virginity to looks like the captains daughter. Please give me advice.

    • TonyMillion says:

      Go to an art school and take classes. You’ll meet other people in your predicament. If you’re good you’ll find your way into something. illustration, comics, animation, 3D, computer design, etc. Go to school. If you can’t afford it, just take some classes.
      Once you get to school, socialize, you’ll get double your money’s worth sitting in a bar talking about art.

      • Bristow says:

        Excellent advice, Tony… just as you have given me in the past.
        Young O’Grrrrrady, the wisest thing you seem to realize is that you’re terrible at everything else. Whether or not that is true, if you stick by that and resist falling into the trap of listening to others who say you cannot make it in art, you may stand a chance. Take it from a guy who has been able to operate a pen on paper and not much else for over 40 years. I’ve taken many art classes… as well as acting and writing classes, and they have served me tenfold over any other training in any other bullshit field I had no business going into. I’ve also logged countless bar stool hours both listening to and spewing my views on art, and the wise Tony Millionaire has not steered you wrong with that suggestion either. I’ll add one more thing here… you mentioned computers – and yes, they are a necessary evil in today’s society. Four years ago I was fired from my job as a furniture salesman. Yes… I said, furniture salesman. I was in shock as to how I would tell this to my wife, for we had just moved to this new community and had purchased a small house. I grabbed the local paper and looked in the classifieds and spotted an ad for a graphic designer for the NEWSPAPER! Computer experience required, it read. I had none. I could barely send an email. Desperate, I walked into the office armed only with a portfolio of cartoons mocking everything from Howard Stern and OJ Simpson to tattoo flash and rock band fliers. Looking back, I must have been unconscious. Anyway… they hired me on the spot. I’ve been going to work there full time ever since. They gave me a little training and I was off and running. The moral to this story is that no matter how hard I tried to resist art as a profession, it refused to resist me. So I work as an artist and that enables me to keep my mind open and free to create the kind of art that really drives me… my stinky little hand-drawn comic serial, Mad Mouse.
        Just thought I’d share that… thanks, Tony.

  8. DadaHyena says:

    A slap in the face? THIS MEANS WAR!

  9. John M. says:

    I’m really looking forward to the podcast. I couldn’t find any mention of it on either the bombzbomb or kardtrick sites, though.

    • TonyMillion says:

      It may have been scuttled by factions opposed to the concept.

      • Nic Farra says:

        Factions! Feh! I’ll scuttle them!

      • John M. says:

        Dang. Now who is going to put their foot on the turd’s neck? Hopefully someone with smooth-soled shoes and a good turd-scraper.

        • Nic Farra says:

          Can you recommend a good turd scraper? I have need.

          • John M. says:

            I don’t think they make them anymore. They are usually called “mud-scrapers.” At old farm houses and places like that there is often a metal blade by the door that you can use to scrape mud and other detritus off your boots so that you don’t have to keep taking your boots off and on when coming and going.

            Sometimes they were quite ornamental. I have seen them for sale at antique stores. I have run across a few featuring a caricature black person holding a wide slice of watermelon that doubles as the scraping blade. Not that any decent human would want such a loathsome item, of course, of course.

  10. jwbalsley says:

    Nothing like war and a severed bitch slap to get the circulation going!

  11. Paul Wilson says:

    The arch-sorceror Ordog (brother to Orloc) challanged his arch-enemy Krandolph in the Privet Marshes, and the latter sent out Piotr to do war with Ordog. Ordog had with him Oswald and Wieland, but that plus Ordog’s skill, did not prevent terrible consequences. Ordog had lost an eye, an arm and both legs. Piotr and Oswald had lost their lives.

    Thus it fell to Wieland to assist Ordog in remaking himself in his pavilion, using an arm from Piotr (to punish him by making his arm and eye part of Ordog and serve his master’s enemy from now on). He also used Oswald’s legs (to reward him by using his legs to walk about on. Oswald HAD said he wished to serve Ordog forever.

    When the arm was grafted on and Ordog flexed the fingers and so on, he said to the horror-dizzy Wieland, “Piotr can do me no more ARM !”

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