Don’t forget to pick up the new book on Dec 2.

It’s red and green. HEY! Those are Christmas colors! What a wonderful gift! It’s almost every portrait I’ve done in 15 years.

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7 Responses to Don’t forget to pick up the new book on Dec 2.

  1. TonyMillion says:

    The talented designer, Jacob Covey, made major improvements to the cover since the ugly Amazon version. He added a baby and Marcus Garvey! Same book, very pretty inside and out:

  2. jwbalsley says:

    Wow, this will be fun to look at, I love getting lost in your lines!

    Indeed the perfect Christmas gift!

    Thanks Tony!

  3. Ricky says:

    Looks like a buy!

  4. Justin says:

    Nice! How many of these come from the Old Smoke column in the Press?

  5. Any portraits of Pandy?

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