Coach and Two

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7 Responses to Coach and Two

  1. Toucan Pete says:

    This is a really nice drawing, Tony. You just get better and better every day.

  2. DHooligan says:

    I love the horses’ demeanor. They have such pride.

  3. schlimmerkerl says:

    I’m always impressed by the fact that the beautiful architecture and landscapes are drawn with such a sure and certain mastery of perspective. The attempts of lesser talents to render these kinds of things convincingly is proof (despite the oftentimes raffish, rowdy subject matter) of Maakies superior draughtsmanship. Well done.

  4. Nic Farra says:

    My wife wanted to go to the Andalusian Horse school when she was 14, but she was too young. So she joined a circus instead. When she found it was a front for Saudi white slavery she ran away from the circus and spent two years in a drag show in King’s Cross instead. This is a true story. She also saw a runaway tiger when she was working as a horse trekker in Japan. I love my wife. Not just cos she’s cra-zee!

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