Drinky Crow DvD??

I don’t know who these bootleggers are but since Cartoon Network won’t release a Drinky Crow Show DvD, I’m buying mine from these guys.

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24 Responses to Drinky Crow DvD??

  1. Inky says:

    “Film Rating 12 Years of age and older”

  2. Jeff says:

    I asked this on the Facebook page too, but will the deluxe edition include cigarettes and booze?

  3. Jake B says:

    Awesome. The least they could do is give you a few bucks, though.

    Or a couple cases of The King of Beers.

  4. Bristow says:

    I’d rather be a bootlegger than an ass kisser!!

  5. TonyMillion says:

    I checked my new copy of the bootleg dvd today. It is lifted from broadcast and the quality is fairly good. I say buy it, because I watched God of Monkeys and laughed my LOL off. I forgot how much I loved working on that show.

  6. Rob McBroom says:

    It would’ve been nice if Cartoon Network could have gotten their shit together & released the series in something other than the “Build Your Own DVD” format (which you also can’t fit all the episodes on 1 disc so you get to shell out another 20 clams for the last 2 shows.) If you’re cool with a boot, that’s good enough for me. Can’t argue with the $13 price tag either.

  7. CustoBEN says:

    I got my Drinky Crow episodes on iTunes. But, unless you got some program to change things with the file, you’re stuck with it only in iTunes.

    • TonyMillion says:

      I don’t know nothing about Itunes. The only music I listen to anymore is what my wife puts on. Fortunately she has very good taste. I don’t know how she finds out about all the new music, but she does. Since none of you knuckle-heads listen to the radio anymore, how do you find out about the musics?

  8. Rob McBroom says:

    I bought the DVD & sadly, the first disc arrived damaged but the company sent a replacement & you’re right, the quality is pretty good. Good call, sir!

  9. Cmoney says:

    Got and watched the whole series and it was excellent. The only thing now is I can’t get that Drinky Crow show song out of my head. All day, man. Off with their heads. Thanks, Millionaire.

  10. DrunkenMonkey says:

    Hey are all the episodes on your recommended bootleg (times forgotten) source? Because the product description says only one disc…and you all have established that not all the episodes will fit on one DVD…
    p.s. As much as I delight in fucking over Adult Swim after they have seen fit to cancel the best show they have EVER broadcast, I still lament the fact that you are not receiving any royaltese or compensation for my purchase. Any way I can make it up to you? buying your books?

    • TonyMillion says:

      The quality is not great, it’s OK. All episodes are there. Buy it, I don’t count pennies, I count readers and viewers. Drinky Crow is for everyone.

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