Announcement: Any bootlegged Maakies comic strips will be published here and a prize will be awarded when I feel like it.

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54 Responses to Announcement: Any bootlegged Maakies comic strips will be published here and a prize will be awarded when I feel like it.

  1. Aminata says:

    You just wait till Christmas. I’m in cambridge now being a good drunk student but when I get back to cali I’m gonna whip my bootleg maakie out at post it!

  2. Kevin Joyce says:

    I don’t get it. You can bootleg an animated cartoon, but not a comic strip. Or can you?

  3. jwbalsley says:

    I love bootlegging!

  4. sneed says:

    A bootlegged strip? Is that an actual Maakies strip that we somehow acquired illegally? Like a bootlegged album in days of yore? If you publish them, will they somehow appear different? I’m lost.

  5. Bob Hoffman says:

    Is there a due date? I need a due date so I can miss it and make up some nonsense reason for being late. Mom says that’s my thing.

  6. Bob Hoffman says:

    And another…


  7. Kevin Joyce says:

    There you go.

  8. Cal Callins says:

    Hmm 36 entries are claimed by our esteemed Toney but only a few are linked on this page. It is blatantly unfairness of which I speak! I am wanting to view ALL of these comic confectionaries Right Now!

    Keep on doin`

    • TonyMillion says:

      Yeah, post them please!

    • Ricky King says:

      I think Cal is mistaking the number of posts for the number of entries….. perhaps?

      • TonyMillion says:

        I am too stupid and unorganized to figure out how to post entries on the page. It’s open to all!

        • Cal Call... says:

          Tony baby you`re not stupid, yer an ARTISTIC GENIUS! Naturally these technical details would elude you.

          Now apparently there are 40 entries, few of which we the ever yearning public have access to. Oh the humanity! So you have seen them, how are you getting them? More importantly how can you adoring fans see them?

          Anyone? Please guide Mr. Millionaire in this matter.

          Thank you!

  9. TonyMillion says:

    There are 40 comments, not 40 entries. Get with the program, Cal! Now there’s 42, see?

  10. Cal "finally with the program" Callins says:

    I apologize for being so slow on the uptake here. ***blush, blush*** Perhaps it is my eagerness to see lots of different takes on the Maakies theme… More likely the fact that I don`t have a lot of spare time to check out this site. Maybe santiclaws will gift me with lots of cash so I can buy your books instead of pestering you.

    In any case, I encourage my fellow audience members to participate. Please?

  11. gElm says:

    I bootlegged. Uncle Gabby is hard to draw so I copied/stole 50% of the poses.

  12. J.P.Doucet says:

    Okay, found a joke in a recent Reader`s Digest which was perfect for the substrip, so I quickly came up with a dumb premise for the main strip and voila, yet another bootleg goes into the fire…

  13. TonyMillion says:

    What the hell are you people doing down here?

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