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19 Responses to MAAKIES GRAVE!

  1. Darren says:

    Poignant !

    The “grave mail” pipe seems inspired by those big “air scoop” things on ships.

    I don’t know what they are properly called, but with your command of things nautical, I am sure you can educate me.


  2. Warren says:


  3. Paul Wilson says:

    Too many people see the grave as The End, not believing in any afterlife. Still, that is better than a hell for all and a heaven for none. One black man insisted that we all rot in the grave until God raises the righteous (a total re-creation would be required in many cases, out of new materials) . A thousand years later, God will then recreate the lost – for eternal torture ! Why not just leave them dead ? His website seems to have disappeared. I think he was deranged !

  4. jwbalsley says:

    I heard sometimes in the olden days they would put a bell above the grave which was tied to the dead persons hand so they could ring it if they were still alive. I forgot what country this was in, I remember seeing it at when I was a little kid. Hell of a thing waking up in a pine box.

  5. Bristow says:

    Didn’t Ringo rid us of Bill Hicks?

    I love this strip, btw… top notch drawing.

  6. ricky says:

    I used to cut grass in an old cemetery . It was kind of creepy because some of the graves had collapsed into the caskets over the years.

    • Bristow says:

      Old cemeteries are freaking creepy… even in the daylight.

    • TonyMillion says:

      When I was hitch-hiking across the USA I slept in many cemeteries. They are peaceful and gorgeous at dawn.

      • Bristow says:

        Don’t get me wrong… I didn’t say I didn’t like them. Or maybe I just like that creepy feeling… or, maybe creepy is just the wrong word. Anyway, there is a small one near where I live that only has about 25 or so headstones. It’s on a small piece of land on the rolling hillsides of Wasatch County, surrounded by tall grass. Since I can’t be buried near my father, this little spot seems like a perfect resting place.

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