500 Portraits

Get it online or in a book store.

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8 Responses to 500 Portraits

  1. Ian says:

    Amazon on my side of the pond are listing the release date as January 19, 2012.

    I don’t expect an import will get here in time so Christmas is ruined in any case. Hopes dashed.

  2. Ricky King says:

    The missus has been asking me what I want for xmas… seems like getting a Tony Millionaire book is becoming tradition.

  3. K. says:

    What? Have you sold out, and forgotten the true meaning of Fuckmas?

  4. Todd Alcott says:

    Oh jeez, this looks so amazing. My copy is on its way. I’m going to make you drive to Santa Monica to sign it.

  5. Cmoney says:

    It came today. It’s tiny yet big on awesome. Jared Paul Stern is pretty sweet. It took me a few more looks before noticed something lurking.

  6. I bought two copies, one for me, one to send home to my mom for Christmas. Looking forward to the show at the Fantagraphics store!

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