This is all new material which you’ve been complaining you couldn’t read online or in the paper because of line quality or size, these pages are big and clear, not a reprint, all the newest stuff.


NOW SCROLL DOWN FOR other books by the genius TONY MILLIONAIRE, some even safe and specifically designed for smart kids!

This is a large reprint of the Maakies books, The House at Maakies Corner, When we were very Maakies, and Der Struwwelmaakies. A sumptuously designed hardcover collecting the second five years of the world’s most riotous comic strip, featuring the high-seas hi-jinx of the booze-soaked corvid and simian stars of TV’s The Drinky Crow Show.


(For Kids and Adults)

Sock Monkey relates the adventures of the titular sock monkey, named Uncle Gabby, and a plush crow named Mr. Crow. Despite being toys, they are able to move, think, talk, and eat, as are most of the other toys in the series.  The books are notable for their intricate artwork, dark humor, and quaint, vaulted dialogue.  In contrast to the scabrous humor of his weekly comic strip Maakies, Millionaire has said that “Sock Monkey is me trying to rise above all that bullshit, to be more poetic, looking at the bright side, remembering the things that used to delight me as a child.” At the same time, “the main theme to all the Sock Monkey books is the crashing of innocent fantasy into bone-crushing reality.”


1. Sock Monkey: The Inches Incident


Inches the doll was the cutest in the whole house. Loved by everyone, the world was Inches’ oyster. Then one day something happened… The Sock Monkey and Mr. Crow became concerned for their diminutive friend, but by then it was too late! The truth sent the terrified Sock Monkey and Crow fleeing for their lives! Inches had turned EVIL!

2. The Adventures of Sock Monkey (Volumes 1&2)


A mischievous sock monkey named Uncle Gabby and his bumbling pal Drinky Crow are the heroes of this funny, unsettling, and oddly endearing collection. Written and drawn by Tony Millionaire, best known as the creator of the successful alternative comic strip, Maakies. Follow Uncle Gabby and Drinky Crow as they try to find a home for a shrunken head, play matchmakers between the bat in the doll’s house and the mouse in the basement, hunt salamanders, and try to get to heaven. Delights! Happy endings and random destruction are guaranteed!

3. The Collected Works of Tony Millionaire’s Sock Monkey





Here is a beautiful collection of work from Eisner Award winner Tony Millionaire. This book collects his latest four comic books, including the scandalous issue in which Uncle Gabby is so distraught over the accidental killing of a baby bird that he attempts suicide. The evolution of the Sock Monkey is evident in these books, as he grows from innocent gatherer of salamanders to maniacal burner of planets in the final issue. A lovely book, designed by the award-winning graphic designer, Lia Ribacchi. Collecting volumes 3 and 4 of the popular comic book series.



4. Sock Monkey: A Children’s Book (2001)


Tony Millionaire’s Eisner-award winning, multi-Harvey-Award nominated Sock Monkey returns in his first-ever full-length book! A mix of comics and illustrated text, this book tells the tale of Uncle Gabbie the Sock Monkey’s origins and how he came to live with the little girl, Ann Louise.  Have you ever wondered why Sock Monkey seems so creepy and lovable at the same time? Well here’s the answer!




5. Sock Monkey: The Glass Doorknob (2002)


The Sock Monkey and the other toys in the house marvel at the prismatic spectrum shining on the parlor floor. They notice that the dazzling colors are somehow emanating from the beautiful glass doorknob on the front door. Winter turns to spring and the apple tree at the front of the house sprouts its new leaves, casting a warm green shadow on the door. But something happens to the doorknob, it seems to be broken, the magical light show hascome to a disheartening end.

6. Sock Monkey: Uncle Gabby (2004)


The Sock Monkey returns home from the University where he has become a Master Poet dedicated to the Science of Un-naming Objects. He embarks on a journey of sentimentality as he rediscovers his childhood home. However, things are not as he remembers them, and he is subjected to an avalanche of heart-breaking realization.



7. That Darn Yarn (2005)


Uncle Gabby, everyone’s favorite sock monkey, is back in a new adventure that takes place in a Victorian mansion big enough to fit two stories at once. The stories start out separate. Pages on the right tell the story of a sock monkey getting snagged on a tack, slowly unraveling as he rambles around Ann Louise’s mansion. Pages on the left tell the story of Ann Louise finding a ball of yarn and knitting it into a sock monkey. As the stories converge, so do the pages, and soon Uncle Gabby’s adventure is off at a galloping pace.

8. Little and Large (2005)


Two stories in one. One is the story of a sock monkey helping a displaced spider search for a home. Will the spider’


s new home be a weathervane? A dollhouse? A goose-wagon? Sadly, no, no, and no! The other story tells the tale of Ann Louise’s grandfather, who smashes down trees throughout the woods and leaves the birds and squirrels homeless. Grandfather needs the lumber for something he’s building. Is it a new home for the spider? The answer is in the pages of these interlocking yarns.



(For Kids and Adults)

Famous for his bad-boy comic strip, Maakies, and his children’s books starring benign versions of the strip’s antiheroes, Millionaire here essays a third stream of his peculiar creativity in a graphic-novel marchen, or Germanic folktalelike narrative. The title character is a truculent little manikin made by mice out of garbage.

1. Billy Hazelnuts (W/ signed bookplate)


Billy Hazelnuts transmutes nursery rhymes and the golem myth into a storybook about Becky, girl scientist, her friend Billy Hazelnuts (who was created from cooking ingredients by tailless mice), and their journey to find the missing moon while battling an evil steam-driven alligator with a seeing-eye skunk.

2. Billy Hazelnuts and the Crazy Bird


Millionaire’s backyard golem returns in this winning follow-up to 2006′s Billy Hazelnuts. Rescuing the family cat from an attacking owl, Billy finds he has caused the abandonment of a newly hatched chick. This foundling attempts to hungrily devour Billy even as he quests forth to find the “crazy bird” ‘s mother.



3. Billy Hazelnuts + Billy Hazelnuts and the Crazy Bird


The Eisner-winning graphic novel and its long-awaited sequel! A cantankerous little golem’s adventures are a crazy potion of all-ages fun, humor, thrills and chills in the inimitable Millionaire style.


1. The Art of Tony Millionaire


The Art of Tony Millionaire collects illustrations, comics, stories, photographs, and anecdotes from the man once referred to as “Beefy McManus” by the late rock star “Rocky Stardomes”. . . the one and only Tony Millionaire! Thrill to never-before-seen illustrations that have made women gasp and grown men gasp, too! Partake in the beautiful genius of the only cartoonist in the history of mankind to have won five Eisner Awards, three Harvey Awards, and an Ignatz!


2. Mighty Mite the Ear Mite


Mighty Mite unfolds via a uniquely inventive formal approach: the left-hand pages tell Gabby’s story, the right-hand pages our eponymous hero’s, and not before the last page does the intertwined fate of both become clear. Mighty Mite’s pages are presented in luscious full-color, Gabby’s in stark grey. Presented as a lovely yet inexpensive hardcover objet d’art, Mighty Mite is a wonderfully unique and elegantly crafted story for all ages and a perfect introduction to Millionaire’s absurdist blend of gung-ho humor and exquisite pen and ink illustrations.

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  2. TonyMillion says:

    Any questions, ask me. millionaire@

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  4. I love the sock monkey books and so does my 13 year old daughter. I’ve bought as many as I can access from Australia for my school and I’m going to develop some learning material to go with the books for the 8 year olds in my class. Thanks again Tony, you’re a bloody genius!

    • TonyMillion says:

      The Magic Pudding was one of my biggest influences, but no one in the States seems to have ever heard of it.

      • Goofy Gorilla says:

        If I recall, one of Peter Carey’s characters, a huge Australian idiot-savant from Theft: A Love Story, was somewhat obsessed with the book (The Magic Pudding). Perhaps there is an influence from the Southern hemisphere not yet fully appreciated in your works.

  5. Lord Whimsy says:


    My wife is a huge fan of Sock Monkey, and wants to make Sock Monkey cookies for you, since the price of your comics seems paltry thanks for the joy it has given her. Would you be willing to accept such a parcel from a complete stranger?


  6. ben says:

    just spent 60$ on maakies books last week, you’re bleeding me dry dammit

  7. John M. says:

    Last year I convinced a hungover friend to buy the Maakies Treasury because it was an important cultural artifact for us Alco-Americans. I haven’t seen him since, but I assume he was pleased with the purchase.

  8. Mother Hodge says:

    I am a very proud mother and I can see much of the influence I have had on you. I never knew before that you read all those Raggedy Ann books that were mine as a little girl. Glad you did! They are full of good morals!! Winnie ther Pooh was a pretty good one, too.


    • TonyMillion says:

      I’ve been asked to do an introduction to the new Johnny Gruelle collection for Fantagraphics books. I’m really nervous. Will you help me? Maybe we should do an interview.

  9. Donna Bartolini says:

    But what about the third Billy Hazelnuts adventure? When can we see him again?

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    my end or if it’s the blog. Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

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