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  1. Timothy p p roberts says:

    I will purchase ANY of you Sock Monkey originals.

    • TonyMillion says:

      OK. Send me an email. millionaire

      • Daniel Tovar says:

        Dear Tony Million

        Im a fan. Not long ago I got drinky crow tattoo. I just wanted to know if the Drinky Corw Show well ever come back. It would be nice to see some new show. If not ill just keep reading. Thanks for your time. Keep up the work..

        Daniel S. Tovar

        • TonyMillion says:

          No new Drinky Crow Shows, but I have some other irons in the fire, stay tuned. Please send a photo of the tattoo to millionaire@mindspring. com

  2. Marry Christmas, Tony Millionaire

  3. Rob says:

    Hey Tony… just curious.. what’s the universe background (in the background) on the site from.. or did I miss somethin’?

    Thanks, Happy Saturday Night (I should be drinkin’)!

    • TonyMillion says:

      What do you mean?

      • Bristow says:

        Pardon me, Tony, but I think he’s referring to the colorful solar system image you’ve got “tiled” as a backdrop on your page here.
        I could be wrong… I’m having Jameson’s with my coffee this morning.

        • Rob says:

          Exactly Bristow, and thank you kindly for jumping in and further explaining in my absence… yeah, that solar system wallpaper thangy back there behind all this writing? That gonna be a record cover or something?

          • TonyMillion says:

            It’s just a purty picture I found on the Internet. It’s from a solar system website. But it would make a nice set for a Sock Monkey movie, wouldn’t it?

          • Rob says:

            Nice… just reminded me of the the scene in ‘The Drinky Crow Show, God Of Monkeys’ where the Monkey God explains how he created the Universe, standing outside the Explanatory Nexus an’ all.. sorry, caught me rambling.. thanks for clearing that up Tony.

  4. Ken Provost says:

    I was wondering if you had anything to do with the new label for Sierra Nevada “Hoptimum”?

  5. Not Telling (Shame) says:

    I think I’ve been copying (unprofessionally) aspects of your drawing style for YEARS without realizing it. I must have seen something at an age when I didn’t know any better. Now that I know who you are, you’ll receive your due credit. Sorry, man.

    a long time fan,

  6. Michael Diaz says:

    Hello Mr. Millionaire. I would like to know if you do commissions. If so I have a sketch book I would love to add Sock Monkey to. I live in Burbank CA. Is this possible? Please let me know. Thanks.

  7. Ricky says:

    I have a really weird question…. when you did that George R. Binks Star Wars comic…. was George R still meant to be pronounced Jar Jar?

  8. sonia says:

    hello there, i have written this query to you years ago (like about 8 years or so..) and it keeps coming up: one of the BEST cartoon (in LA Weekly) of yours was the one where (i believe it was) drinky crow asks the zen master ‘whats the meaning to life?’ and after a brief look around the zen-master says something like ‘mo-f****** c***sucking* christ, see that tree swaying in the wind’ yada yada, how beatiful’ ISH. can i have it?? is it archived?
    does the description ring a bell??

    • TonyMillion says:

      yes i remember that one

      • sonia says:

        great memory. can i find it somewhere, for purchase or as a simple copy? online? anywhere?

        • sonja says:

          hi mr. millionaire, i am still and again looking for the zen-master cartoon mentioned above (´whats the meaning to life.. yadyayda, look at the trees swaing in the wind jesus motherfuckingcocksuckingchrist, its beautiful…´) i mean, could you just send it to me or let me know where i can possibly find it – just a primitive copy will do!! c´mon now.. i´ve been a loyal fan of the maakies @ L.A. Weekly and have moved away from the states a while ago, that specific one moved me galore. give me it, i pay if i must. cheers, sonja

  9. that1guy says:

    Tony, quick question: What is the physical size of your originals? Thinking about purchasing a strip for one of my bare walls. The one I had in mind was the scientist who traveled to another planet & spoke to an intelligent food animal who explained to him that there was no humilation involved in being eaten by one’s superiors.

  10. jaime says:

    you are breaking every known law of physics in the last panel. we are watching you.

  11. Fuzzy says:

    you provided me so much aswome drinking material throught the past few years,
    that i want to give you somthing back.

    Like 2 days ago [ I think ] you provided me with some excelent advice, on what i should do with my free time, and i began to search for things to accompany my task of drinking more,
    here is what i found
    listen to that the next time you down heroic amounts of alch…

    an opinon of it would be nice…

  12. Fuzzy says:

    I did do a little jig, but thats aside the point,
    i was just talkin about an opinion of the song.

    • TonyMillion says:

      I love it!

      • Fuzzy says:

        Hahah Dude
        im gonna say this cause no one ive seen has said this
        but dude
        your a boss
        for real
        you nail every legit drinkers thoughts
        keep at it captin
        your a god amogsnt men X)
        [ im spilling mah beer all over my keyboard]

  13. Flint says:

    ok, you said that you cannot reveal the reason why you call the strip Maakies right? and that you will only reveal it when a certain someone dies. Well what would happen if you died before he did? i’d tell someone you trust to say it after he’s dead if and should that scenario happen.

  14. ilmonstro says:

    I’m thinking of buying some original Maakies art from your extensive back catalogue. The ideal strip shall feature:
    1. Drinky Crow and Uncle Gabby
    2. A ship (or parts thereof)
    3. Terrible (but entirely artistically justifiable) violence
    4. A ‘message’
    5. Nutritional information for young mothers.
    I am prepared to wait until such a beast springs from your fecund mind.

  15. dANIEL lOKEY says:

    Hey boss. A long long time ago I picked up your “sock puppet” wasnt it? I havent been in my grandpa’s garage in so long I am losing touch with my comic collection. Anyways, I ran across Drinky a few years ago strictly on the web. I dont think I have run across anything so funny since. I feel like its time to go back in. So anyways. I go to the drunk driving class and I was all stoked. Hey I never talked in that thing. I was like fifth amendment. and screw yer conficdentiality. but i just had to talk ab out your stuff. I got too exited and ran on describing in detail the brain. “you tried to kill me” etc. etc. ok. i reckon ever body looked at me like i was crazy.

    so this one jackass from then on he keeps throwing in “drinky crow” into the conversation so like what am i sposed to do?

    well guess what I caught him walking across the parking lot of a wallmart. I said say “drinky crow” and pushed him and kept saying say drinky crow.. and pushing him. I am lu cky cuz he didnt want to fight as it turns out. I was on probation SO i wanted you to know I was ready to go back to jail to defend Drinky.
    what else??
    If i wrote you a script and sent it to you would you consider arting it up?

  16. Long time fan; you’re hilarious, gifted and insane. Listen: I’m a Chair of an Illustration program in a SCHOOL. I’ve been reading old Maakies books where you shamelessly self-promote and try and hock your wares. So I came to the webbysite trying to find some original art to procure. I want to hang it in a conference/classroom, where students will see it and be inspired or repulsed or will just maybe know they might make it too. But I can’t find that listing. Where could I get such a thing and how much will it cost me. Oh, yes, we are poor as well…

  17. ilmonstro says:

    Hi Tony,
    Did you ever draw any Hunter S. Thompson-related activities? You and him got a certain resonance, don’t ya think?

  18. Matt Odrobny says:

    Just wanted to say beautiful work.

  19. cymbeline says:

    Can I buy Sock Monkey, Mr. Crow and Ann-Louise 6″x 6″……$200?
    Charles Hunt

  20. Scotchka says:

    This is nothing but an assumption
    but you have always struck me as a whisky drinker/ if not connoisseur
    am I correct about this?
    if you are what brands do you like
    if not what do you prefer?

    • TonyMillion says:

      Whiskey makes me vomit. In my insaner days I was a vodka drinker, now I drink The King of Beers. I do like good scotch, but less than three.

  21. Jim Stout says:

    I would very much like to have a Gelaskin for my MacBook of some of your art. What are the chances?

  22. Jennipea says:

    Hallo, sir!

    A few years back, I watched some weird DVD a friend had with a bunch of animated shorts on it, and there were three or four Maakies shorts on it. I think there were a couple with Drinky Crow and maybe one with Gabby and rats at sea. Said friend no longer has the DVD in question, and we’re both drunkards, so we can’t remember for the life of us what the name of the DVD was. I would really like to get my hands on those shorts…

    Please, help?

    Thank you kindly.

  23. E. Smigielski says:


  24. Eddie says:

    Where can i get a uncle gabby t-shirt that says “being drunk is the best feeling in my poor world” cira 1999..are they still avalible?

  25. Fast Eddie Felson says:

    Cool, How many do you have left?

  26. Dave says:

    Are either the Hitler or JFK portraits available?

  27. Hey tony, as a young up start/ pen and ink faithful, fuck drawing comics on a computer. I was wondering what movies shaped you as an artist.

  28. Zay V. says:

    I wonder what happen when you make a movie of the Maakies due to the cancellation of The “Drinky crow show” or put The “Drinky crow show” on comedy central???

  29. Amber says:

    Mr. Millionaire! I used Drinky Crow on wedding invitations and cake toppers.
    Here are some pictures of the cake :)

    Thanks for being awesome!

  30. Tony B says:

    Do you still do drawings (portrait) from a photo? If so, please email me. I love your style. You were great on WTF Podcast too.

  31. InkPuddlePat says:

    Mr. Millionaire,

    I bought my girlfriend That Darn Yarn because I thought it was cool, and she loves Victorian houses. Is that your house?


  32. Paige says:

    Is it possible to purchase the Drinky shot glasses still? My boyfriend is a huge fan and I’d like to get them for him for Christmas.

  33. Hi Tony,

    this is Günther Zabel aka Günni writing. In the 80ies I used to live in the Oranienstraße 4, just around the corner of the Bauhof. The last time we met, was in NYC. It might have been 1990. It was a strange 3-day-visit with Dirk to meet Tina who was in a strange mood.
    In the first week of this December I will be in California to fetch back on my daughters, who visits a high-school near San Francisco for some month. I am playing with the idea also to visit Los Angelos. Do we want to meet, having a coffee or even a beer ?
    Hasta la vista

    • TonyMillion says:

      Tina was in a strange mood all right. You heard what happened to her?

      • Günther Zabel says:

        That doesn´t sound like “Hurra, let´s get drunk” Toni.
        Sure I know about Tina, but I don´t want to discuss this ancora publico. You´ve got my privat email-adress, if necessary.

  34. Marc says:

    Is the sock monkey flash cartoon you made still in existence anywhere?

  35. Awesomely “stern” perspectives! Aubrey and Maturin can’t hold a gooey tallow candle to Uncle Gabby and Drinky Crow.
    Always watchin’ from a lee shore…..

  36. Isaiah Vinson says:

    Hey, Tony, when you said that you’ll never end the “Maakies” comics, does that means you’ll keep making “Maakies” as a long-running comic?

  37. dookdookdook11 says:

    Hi Tony. I sent you an email about buying a strip. Long time fan and proud owner of a two foot bar figurine of the Old Crow mascot (you FB commented on it a couple months ago). And the old TMBG shotglasses. And so on…..After I got the Old Crow, I learned of the Old Crow Speed Shop, a biz devoted to the speed racing culture. An artist named Coop created a cool mascot.

  38. grant lavalley says:

    hi tony.grant earl lavalley here. im friends with kathe izzo and she said i should contact briefly in la but im working on a cartoon project with a friend .and we could use some advice.

  39. Nate A. says:

    I just wanted to let you know that you draw this strip week in and week out, and as a result I’ve come to take you for granted. I would apologize, but frankly, I for granted some of the most important, stable things in my life. For example, my bowel movements? Sure, I get cranky when I get irregular, but do I thank my gut when it performs on target. Rarely. My wife’s love? My daughter’s? Again, I simply expect those in the way I expect caviar and whitening toothpaste. Sex? It’s like pennies to me. I’d be bummed to see it gone, but it’s always come so easily that I can hardly be bothered to appreciate its presence in my life. So what I’m saying, is that you and your comic strip are in good company, at least where my ingratitude is concerned.

  40. brendan mccarthy says:

    Hi Tony,
    I recently came across a stray copy of ‘Uncle Gabby’ in a British bookshop and read it again and thought it was really beautiful and touching. I still enjoy looking at that lovely piece of ‘Sock Monkey’ B&W art I bought from you a long time ago.

    I am looking forward to the new Fantagraphic s collection – and any new Sock Monkey strips you create.

    You may have seen my latest strip called ‘The Zaucer of Zilk’, which came out earlier this year from IDW. I co-wrote and designed lots of the new Mad Max movie which is out next year. It looks pretty wild and wonderful.

    Good luck with the Sock Monkey movie… I will be first in line. Will it be stop frame?
    Brendan McCarthy

  41. stephen a johnson says:

    Did you author a strip called “Chicken Gutz” in the late 60′s? It has the look of MAAKIES and was a favorite of mine. Thanks, keep up the very sick work.

  42. Ralph says:

    Hello, Mr. Millionaire,

    I can’t seem to find the super rare Drinky Crow PVC figure anywhere. Premillenial Maakies and The House at Maakies Corner are both very elusive as well. Any chance of a reissue on these items or hints on where I can find them? I need these in my collection. Thanks.

  43. Jr says:


    Today I was reading one of your comic strip, and I came across the one about the miniature unicorns. I have been struggling with to find positive in everyday life, and find peace because things in my life are affected by other people. It is something of course you cannot avoid, because we are constantly influenced by other people what we see, what we read, and what we hear. It also affects our moods and our perceptions of life. Today I had wanted to have a very positive day and avoid the negativity of the world, but just coming across your comic strip made me realize I cannot avoid it as much as I try. So I’m writing to say I did not find the humor or the purpose of the comic strip or many of the ones that circulate under the Orlando Weekly. I can’t find peace of mind knowing this is how others find humor. So I’m writing to you the comic, to make a difference using your talent. That’s all.

  44. Youknowwho says:

    Hey, what possesses you to draw doodles for others’ spite, is that supposed to be political humor or just being pimped for cash? Haven’t read your comics in months so not sure who you’re posting to!

  45. Vincent says:

    I’ve been looking for the 6 inch Drinky Crow figure FOREVER now. Do you have any ideas for me on how to get one? It’s a must have for someone special. Thank you!

    • TonyMillion says:

      At this point all I can suggest is TFAW or Ebay.
      Check Amazon. In TFAW they have a section called “Nicks and Dents” which has the stuff with very small dents, usually on the box.

  46. Yohan Inmara says:

    I think to change my life with my wife and my son. This time, we need a million money for change future. This my email,

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