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  1. Brenda Fox says:

    Hey Tony M,

    So I am sure you are extremely busy, but if you have a minute I would love to hear how you made it as an illustrator. I recently graduated with a Graphic Design degree and now really wish I had stayed as a studio major and concentrated in Illustration.

    Any advice?
    (please if you respond don’t blame the economy! thats all I hear)

    • TonyMillion says:

      It’s been my experience that the economy has very little effect on an artist as long as he-she doesn’t fall into the trap of relying on clients to come to you, or the illusion that if a client, say a magazine, hires you for six months in a row, that they owe any kind of “loyalty’ to you. They do not. Part of their job is to mix up the illustrators as much as they can. Also, here’s an example. I was making a lot of noise on Comics Message boards and landed a $10,000 job working for Microsoft to design 12 characters to be used as avatars for an experimental social online game they were experimenting with. I asked Danny Hellman if he wanted some of this pie, because they need about a hundred avatars from different cartoonists and illustrators. He said, “No! I don’t do that kind of work, I do magazine work.” I laughed at him and earned my $10,000 in less than a week. My job search has always been done by attitude. So-and-so got a job drawing some album covers, I called the 20 or so bands I knew and askedif they knew anyone who needed an album cover. I got three jobs that month, including a record cover for They Might Be Giants. Then I got hired by them to design some t-shirts. I showed the t-shirts to other bands and got a few more jobs designing tshirts. Someone at the New Yorker saw the tshirts and I landed semi-steady work from them for about 5 years. I sent free drawings to various zines, making sure they put me on the cover with the best art I could produce. I was picked up for covers and comics by Screw Magazine. A pervert saw my work and hired me to paint the name on the back of his yacht. A friend of mine got a job painting Rush Limbaugh’s bedroom ceiling, cherubs, floating ribbons, grapes and flowers. Imagine Rush dancing on his bed nude but for a gossamer toga and a crown of white roses.
      My point is, if you want to work, crash all the parties at magazine offices and be nice! Carry a card with your website on it. Ask around, just keep after it. Hunting for work is a constant 50% of the job, that part never ends. You can have a lot of fun with each small victory. And draw all the time.

  2. Anita says:

    Do you design tattoooos?

  3. Fooksie says:

    You are my hero! Love your work, and loved the twisted cartoon on Adult Swim. Any Drinky the Crow toys left over?

  4. Hi Tony, I am a big fan of yours! I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a shirt design? I run a screen-printing business:
    and do a series of shirts for an art event called brainframe.
    We are doing a show at the Museum of Contemporary art of Chicago this summer, and would to get a design for our shirts, that will be there. Please email me if you are interested in contributing?

  5. Apparently A Pseudonym says:

    Greetings Mr. Millionaire!

    I have been perusing your fine selection of shirts available over at the interweb “site” of your fellow collaborators at ilovewaterloo. Glorious news! These fine folks have reduced the prices of all of the attire that features your illustrations by half of the original price! I can predict that at these rates, it will not be long before your garb is ubiquitous in modern culture. However the news is dampened as this particular “online” haberdashery seems to have a dearth of selectable sizes of genuine Millionaire apparel. Am I to be left bereft of fine habiliments for my proportions? Are these indications of an “end of the line” sale, and thus should I buy all that I may in preparation of future scarcity? Or should I cling to hope that perhaps a new line may be brought out? Please advise me in this matter, Mr. Millionaire, as I would gladly pay twice the sum of half of the original price of your shirts, if only they came in the appropriate size!

    Hopefully awaiting your sage counsel,
    Apparently A Pseudonym

  6. Andrew says:

    Hi Tony!
    Huge fan of your work since Drinky Crow first came on Adult Swim. I’m curious
    if ILoveWaterloo is planning on making more shirts (especially the duo drinky crow
    gun shirt!). I’ve been wanting to buy one but they don’t have any in my size (medium).
    Thanks for your time!

  7. LL BRANDON says:

    I just bought a shit that has a monkey eating on the toilet. I was worried I might get looks, so I went all in and got it 2 sizes small.



  8. Brian says:


    I found you via the Grateful Dead website.. Im automatically impressed and in aw of you living and breathing art.. More impressive is reading your response and the truth or what seems to be brutal honesty that you radiate.. It’s refreshing someone of your celebrity is so down to earth and hip at the same time.. Thanks for being you.. Your a credit to humanity.. Jerry would be proud to have you in the family.. You may get him more than any artist you mentioned.. Rather.. You may be more like him.

  9. RedRobot says:

    I just tried to go to to buy one of your shirts, but Google has put up a notice (I use Chrome) that the site has malware that will infect me if I visit.

    Thought you should know.

    • mrethiopian says:

      Instead of crying to the publisher who has no bearing or influence on the site in question , you should either Google the site + virus to see if its already been reported, or report findings directly to site (abuse@website.ext). If both suggested options don’t fix your predicament, then pull a Drinky Crow and get extremely drunk, disable your antivirus, reboot n visit ( again and let god sort it out.

      T, I too was a MassHole born in Boston.


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  12. Josh Bryant says:

    Hey Tony,

    I’m a huge fan. I was wondering if you had any advice for starting a comic in terms of coming up with a concept. I have an BFA & MFA in illustration so feel pretty good about my drawing (and I’m in love with owing banks money apparently). I also have a small letterpress print shop in Jersey City in order to self publish my comic and run it around NYC and beyond to get it out there.

    Trouble is every time I sit down to start I don’t know what to do. Do I write, do I design characters, do I start with a setting?

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read Understanding Comics thinking it’s going to break me through this time.

    Any advice?

    ~ josh

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  17. reklama says:

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