Drinky Crow Show

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The Drinky Crow Show
is an American animated television series created by Eric Kaplan and Tony Millionaire, based on Maakies. The pilot episode aired on Cartoon Network’s late night programing block, Adult Swim on May 13, 2007. The series premiered on November 23, 2008 and ended January 25, 2009. The cancellation of the show was confirmed by a Maakies comic.


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163 Responses to Drinky Crow Show

  1. Trevorlopolis says:

    Bring on the DVD Release for those who wish to own the episodes :D..Please?

    • JK says:

      The only hope of any TDCS release would be from Madman Entertainment.

      Madman is the R4 distributor of about 98% of anime in Australia and NZ as well as Adult Swim and Cartoon Network shows. They have on a few occasions released R4-exclusive DVDs not available in the US, so far they have released the rest of Moral Orel and the complete collection of Assy Mcgee and Minoriteam.

      I want to email them about TDCS, though i don’t know if it will ever happen since Maakies is sadly not that big in Australia but if they released Assy Mcgee then it doesn’t mean it will never happen either. Downside is of course that any US fans would need to get a multi-region player.

      I for one would love a DVD release, i have to rely on poor quality torrents (they dont sell them on iTunes here, sorry Tony M, maybe you could get in contact with Madman and maybe offer some extra content, behind the scene stuff etc) but i watch TDCS all the time and its crude, rude and brilliant.

      • TonyMillion says:

        Fuck that just buy the bootleg.

        • JK says:

          Tried that, none of the websites that sells the bootlegs deliver to down under.

          I’ll just watch my crappy quality and illegally downloaded avi’s over and over again while i hassle my local bookstore to get more Maakies.

          • JK says:

            Though i did find one that was locally based, but it looks a bit sketchy if there isn’t even a picture of the boxset itself.

  2. o0o says:

    Will the Drinky Crow Show ever get a proper DVD release?

  3. that1guy says:

    What were the espoused & real reasons for the cancellation by AS? I’ve been assuming that the show was expensive as hell to produce since it was both visually stunning & light-years ahead of any other original AS programming in terms of script quality. Did it just not appeal to drunken college students (for some unfathomable reason) or the younger demographic in general?

    • TonyMillion says:

      I can only guess. Ratings were good but not great. Budget cuts, etc. But what it comes down to is, if Mike Lazzo likes it, it stays. I think.

      • that1guy says:

        Hmm. Interesting to know that, thanks. Glad I DVRd a couple of episodes; I still love the show, and can only echo the disappointment of others that there won’t be a DVD release pending.

      • Pandy says:

        I’ve heard the same about Lazzo many a time. And while I love shows like Aqua Teen, Space Ghost, Venture Bros., 12 Oz Mouse, and Sealab, I’ve gotta wonder why things like Robot Chicken and Titan Maximum are on there.

        • TonyMillion says:

          Pitching to Lazzo is like pitching to a 6 month old cat. He loves your show, then 10 minutes later he loves a tiny white moth which just fluttered by. Soon, he loves a drip of water on a window pane, then he’s writing million dollar checks for a massive pile of 8-year-old King of the Hill episodes.

  4. Terry says:

    I’ve discussed this show a /lot/ — with many friends, as well as Tony (who friended me on Facebook). Strangely, although nearly everyone that has seen it, really appreciated it, [as] had the nerve to ‘cancel’ it. Deeply foolish to me, expecially considering some of the pap that they are pushing forward (I deeply hate most of their live-action shows, and will not even mention which ones). The Drinky Crow Show was gloriously funny, which is what most of us want, when watching animation late night. Tony and Eric had (and have) the right idea. I strongly believe that another network (as in what happened for Futurama) should be smart enough to pick up the show. Animation is continuously being taken more seriously, throughout the world, and happily, here in America. I really miss this wonderful show, and could shine on even further about it, but I think I’ve said enough. Perhaps too much…

  5. oderusallin says:

    I can’t understand how they can keep renewing Tim & Eric and De-Located, but something I actually want to watch……
    Eh, Piss.

    • AssortedFruitFlavors says:

      Drinky Crow was awesome! What the hell is wrong with AS?? Why do they hate Drinky Crow?!? It’s one of the best shows they’ve ever aired! They lost my respect… De-Located? Puleeeze. I’ll never trust Adult Swim again. You hear me ya bastards?!? You screwed up!! And they won’t let Mr. Millionaire sell the show even though he created it and they refuse to sell it on DVD…They’re just going to sit on it. Well then sit on it you MutherEffin Potsy!

  6. AssortedFruitFlavors says:

    Any other animated stuff in the works?

  7. BILL RIDDLE says:


  8. Zack Mieth says:

    I just simply ADOOOREE the backgrounds.
    Like the colourful moon and stars. =D
    It’s so amazing.

    And the clouds.

    This show looked soooo great, and it’s pacing felt very much so like the comic strip.
    ‘Tis a damned shame, honestly.
    I was just talking about how great this show was a couple of days ago… Don’t really remember to who, though.
    I smoke alot of weed.
    But I’m all out. ;-;

    • TonyMillion says:

      The backgrounds were done by Tony Mora, Jim Campbell, and John Calmette. They worked harder than they needed to and it paid off. One of the brightest spots of the show was backgrounds.

      • Zack Mieth says:

        Oh, mos def. It has this sort of… Gypsy booth appeal about it.

        Man, fuck [adult swim].
        What a buncha wanks.

        So concerned with be “alternative” but when something ACTUALLY DIFFERENT comes along they shit their pants and deny it an existence.

        Fucking… idiorts.
        Hey Tony, want a tarot reading?
        Just ask a question and I’ll do my best. =3

  9. Mike says:

    Save all the tears and lament no more. I’m cutting out the printed ornaments and will be finishing out the TV series on my own!

  10. Antistrophe says:

    The cancellation of “Drinky Crow” put the final nail into the coffin wherein resides my once-love for AS. Incidentally, DCS made me aware of Maakies.

  11. Trevorlopolis says:

    i still do not get how they can stream the episodes on Adult-Swim.com, Sell the Episodes on the PSN store, offer the episodes on Adult-Swim build a dvd..but still not release them as a normal dvd release -_-.

    I still frequent websites like wiki and here hoping, one day, that i will see a glorious link to purchase the dvd..or hell, even see it in a store one day!

    Shame the show got canceled, not much left to watch on Adult-Swim except for Robot Chicken & Venture Bros.

  12. bigCNfan says:

    The show’s returning Jan.25 starting with Beer Goggles. Watch it, we need all the ratings we need to keep the heart pumping!

  13. Bristow says:

    If Drinky does in fact return, we as fans should flood those stool pigeons with emails and letters and perhaps live grenades to let them know we are out here. But, as we all know… if the fat asses running the show don’t like it, then the uphill battle steepens.

  14. KermodeBear says:

    I recently discovered the Drinky Crow Show while browsing the Adult Swim website. It is fantastic and one of the greatest shows that I have seen in a long time. It’s far, far better than the other shows on AS – Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Squidbillies, Family Guy (ugh – why do people like that show at all?) – Drinky Crow is better than all of them. The social commentary is hillarious, the show biting and to the point, and every time I watch one of the episodes I can’t help but fall in love with Drinky all over again.

    I’m really sad that it was only given one season. It deserves so much more. I really hope that AS reconsiders at some point or another network picks it up. It’s perfect late night material.

  15. Bobby Boulders says:

    How about bringing some DVDs to the gallery thing on the 28th? Because I’ll be there then and I appreciate convenience. And the show.

  16. Lethaldose7 says:

    I don’t understand why they play crap shows like children’s hospital, that aren’t even f***ing cartoons, and Drinky Crow is cancelled. What the hell is wrong with adult swim?
    Have the whole season on my ipod and love it. Make some more episodes! Screw Adult Swim!

  17. Dav'd says:

    who is eric kaplan? how did he get involved in the show? also i hope im not the only person to ever totally fuck up spelling while googling drinky crow.

  18. TonyMillion says:

    Dinky Cow
    Dlimpy Cgow
    Dirnky Cerw
    Dirking Cowr

    You’re right! It’s hard!!!

  19. DrinkyCrow Fan says:

    This show really brightened my day. I sure hope they bring it back. If they do, I might even register on the AS website!

  20. Funkalotapus says:

    Bring back the Dinky Craw Show!

    • diego h says:

      The Dlimpy Crotch show saved my life, got me off crack cocaine, reunited me with my Dutch half-brother, kept me from joining either the Davidians or Scientology, and taught me how to make a delicious red curry. So, yes, to this day I am really disappointed [as] only gave it one fucking season.

  21. Wartooth says:

    I liked this show because it is a symbol of drama and comedy together for example when I watch this show I feel really bad for the drinky crow and how he wants to kill him self and drink alot vodka as well as the fact that he has a girl friend that cheats on him alot well any ways peace out and good show :)

  22. nuked0g says:

    Man I love the show Drinky Crow. Caught it on air at the unreal time of 3am. I don’t think my girl gets it though. And screw AS they always short change the fans.

  23. Wartooth says:

    My girl friend watches cartoons but she won’t like this one because too much violence and vodka but me that is my style

  24. jamie garner says:

    I just finished watching the last of my tivo’d drinky crows from the latest [as] showing, and I’m reminded again how good the entire package was- art, writing, and don’t forget the world-class voice acting!

    uncle gabby is that perfect (and rare) instance where the voice matches the art to a tee.

    well, screw [as], screw all the live action crap they’re trying to get us to watch. I don’t know how much it cost to do a drinky crow episode, nor how long it took- but i would rather have a dozen new ep’s of drinky a year versus three dozen children’s hospital.

    well, I just wanted to vent my frustration to you, for no really good reason.
    oh, thanks for having the comic strip online- I eases my pain.
    so, there you go.

    • TonyMillion says:

      Thank you. The cancellation was frustrating, we were just getting it down smoothly.

      • nukedog says:

        Dude Tony you are a real inspiration to me. I appreciate the fact that you remain true to your fans. I can’t beleive that I’m essentially talking to one of the greatest artists of our times imho

  25. Wartooth says:

    Honestly king of the hill is the worst show I ever watched and adult swim puts that crap on all the time I mean they should put that horrible show on less and bring back the drinky crow show and I gota say honestly the drinky crow show is better then alot of shows on adult swim oh yeah and p.s. I will mabey make a cartoon for little kids like on CN in the morning but the cartoon I’m making is gona be alike romio and juliet

  26. Wartooth says:

    I like the old pokemon the new one just sux now I watch CN and adult swim alot and they both had better shows in the past like this 1 (aka drinky crow)

  27. JayMcc says:

    hey mr millionairre. i feel lucky as hell to live in ny where i can see a maakies strip on a regular basis. sucks i missed you in brooklyn(home)..
    anyway i’m curious where the voices for the show came from.. is that how you’ve always heard them in your head or did those bastards choose for you?

    • TonyMillion says:

      I hired Dave Herman based on only an imitation of his voice from a friend. He was perfect, I loved his voice for Gabby. We went through five voice actors for Drinky Crow including Tom Kenney and Billy West and never got it right. We finally went with Dino, because he’s so much fun to work with.
      Drinky Crow is the voice in your head, impossible to reproduce with an actor.

    • TonyMillion says:

      Imagine the joy I went through telling first Tom Kenney and then Billy West that we weren’t going to hire them.

      • JayMcc says:

        Glad you bypassed him, but I wish I could have heard the Billy West version. (did it happen to sound like Larry Fine? kidding. i am a huge billy west fan..)
        I completely love the voices. They’re probably more fitting than anything in my own head before a few drinks. Drinky is the perfect balance of nerd/drunk. And then there’s Gabby..

        • TonyMillion says:

          Billy West was really good. He did it like an older B movie party drinker. Perfect, but Adult Swim has some kind of BULLSHIT issues with Billy West. I don’t even know what’s going on with those boneheads.

          • JayMcc says:

            ok now i’m intrigued about this ‘bullshit’ with mr west. i don’t mean to stray from drinky crow but what does that mean, they have issues with him?
            also i love drinky crow’s wife’s voice. it’s ridiculous.

      • Dakota says:

        You asked Tom to do it? I could’nt imagine that, I thought he usually did voices on shows for kids.

  28. Larry says:

    I actually wanted to purchase the DVD and looked it up on amazon but was sad to find it wasn’t there, it was a great show, and I wish you guys had the chance for a second season. Why does everything I love on adult swim have to end; Sealab, Harvey Birdman, The Drinky Crow Show, and Moral Orel.

  29. Dakota says:

    Shows don’t get cancelled forever. I mean, Things like I love Lucy are, but not Modern Day. If another network picks it up, they can air and possibly make new episodes. Family Guy was off the air for 3 years right? But still, if no network was smart enough to air Hamtaro, no way in hell this show has a chance.

    • TonyMillion says:

      This show is canceled forever.

    • TonyMillion says:

      I’m surprised they did it in the first place.

      • Bristow says:

        I’m curious, Tony, as to how this all went down in the first place.
        Did YOU shop Maakies or did they come to you? It doesn’t strike me that you would pursue some huge animation deal for these characters. To me… they are perfect on the pages of alternative rags. I can totally see an animator approaching you with the idea of Adult Swim and some classic animation techniques along with some wicked voice acting. It seems that that was all there. Obviously, you put in the time and kept YOUR vision of the project intact… after all, YOU are it’s creator… it’s mother, it’s father. Is Hollywood that fucking enamored with itself (don’t answer that because I know that already) that they have to control a vehicle that will only work if it’s creator is at the controls? I’m very interested in your take on how the Drinky Crow show went down… top to bottom.

        • TonyMillion says:

          You keep spelling “its” wrong, Bristow. Knock it off.

          it’s = it is
          its = the possessive form of it

          • Bristow says:

            Okay!! Sorry!! lol! I know it is not a laughing matter, but I can not stop laughing right now. You are just a funny guy, Tony. Now…
            okay… I am composed… what about my questions… can you elaborate? Really… I think a lot of us would like to know.

          • TonyMillion says:

            Try Wikipedia. I don’t have time.

    • Dakota says:

      If i was the president of CN it would’nt be, or if I ever do become the president. I might do it just for that reason. Asperger’s syndrome needs it’s own acronym, so Adult Swim should be ASS. Meaning Adult Swim Sucks ASS.
      I think the old school IS better. Most new versions of things suck, including T.V. 1 Question about chronology. Was Blinky born before or after (possibly during?) the last episode?

  30. TonyMillion says:

    The above image is huge. Click it to download it as wallpaper.

  31. Mr. Ghost says:

    I just finished watching all the Drinky Crow Show episodes over the weekend. The time line went something like this:

    Thursday: Discovered The Drinky Crow Show
    Friday: Began watching TDCS episodes
    Saturday: Finished watching TDCS episodes
    Sunday: Started to having feelings for TDCS similar to Drinky Crow’s feelings for the mermaid. The idea of more seasons is now more fantasy than reality. What a shame.

    Thank you though, Tony Millionaire and team. I’m going to be shopping for the books now.

    -A new fan.

  32. Bob O says:

    Hi Tony,

    Thanks a million(!) I thought, still think, and will think that, ‘The Drinky Crow Show,’ was one of the most brilliant, funny, relatable, well produced, and motherfucking fun shows that I have ever seen. Mind blowing. The only other time I can remember being so blown out of the water was watching some stop-action, Gumby-like stuff from Zappa on like, The Mike Douglas Show. Many moons ago, obviously. My mind was much more blowable then too…
    Thank you, thank you, thank you, and please take heart and try to find a way to get this shit out! To get, ‘The Drinky Crow Show,’ produced and available to us, your, (respectfully,) adoring fans. Grog O, no wait! Bob O!



  34. Rick Schwarz says:

    Tony and for those who may not be aware the [adult swim] shop does have Create Your Own DVD of which The Drinky Crow show is one of the shows available, According to the [as] website (see below) you can add 105 minutes and 50 seconds worth of episodes on a DVD for $20.00 + Applicable Sales Tax + S&H.


  35. Grassi says:

    Holy moly, they canceled the Drink Crow Show? That’s horrible. I would’ve watched every single episode except for the fact I have a job and have to get up in the morning to work. Darn, I’ll have to get some Maakies books instead. Thanks for the little ray of morbid sunshine, it’s awesome.

  36. Eric says:

    Hey Tony, great show. I am definitely sad that it got canceled after barely one season, but there is an upside… at least what we have will always be good. Look at a show like The Simpsons after 22 years — I can’t even watch anymore, and I don’t think it’s just that I got older. It is so burdened by its history that it borders on self-caricature. And shows that came back from “hiatus” like Family Guy and Futurama seem to have come back without the unforced creativity of the original product — they’ve fought their way back on the air and now they _will_ succeed, dammit, whether they’re any good or not.

    And, since I haven’t seen in mentioned elsewhere, great job with getting TMBG to do the opening credits — sets the tone perfectly.

  37. that1guy says:

    Still think you oughta pitch Drinky Crow to Comedy Central, Tony. After all, they revived Futurama, and CC has always been interested in competing directly with AS. South Park pretty much created the entire market for AS, but they’ve never been able to launch another successful original animated series since; surely this pisses them off daily.

    Would love to see them pick up Drinky & run it against any or all of AS’ lame-ass live shows as well as the tired Family Guy reruns; it’d kill. I’m certain of it.

  38. Eric says:

    Well, to be fair, they _do_ have quite a few kid’s albums out… or are they singing “Ana Ng” or something? That’s cool that you did their t-shirts, I can only imagine the fan-boy credit someone would get if they still had one of those…

  39. bigwill says:

    I only wish i had the opportunity to see all of the episodes, unfortunately I discovered the show after it had already ended. Ever since then I have longed for more, and plan to dedicate my arm to drinky and uncle gabby. Thank you so much for your art.

    • TonyMillion says:

      Thanks! They’re all still on the Adult SWim website. There are ten episodes and the pilot.

      • Rick Schwarz says:

        @TonyMillion, In addition to the adultswim.com website, Drinky Crow episodes just started broadcasting 0n the Adult Swim On-Demand on digital cable channel. Go to the Cutting Edge channel (Channel 305 here in Central Florida) then scroll to Adult Swim then scroll down to Drinky Crow Show. Episodes 101 thru 103 and 105 and 106 are currently available. Don’t know why they skipped Episode 104 though.

        Also Tony I’m just wondering if there is any chance in the future that you’ll commission a Maakies/Drinky Crow app for mobile devices? Unfortunately Apple’s iOS operating system restricts certain programs such as Flash and some image formats from being used on an iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch device.

        • TonyMillion says:

          Do you mean to say that they have finally invented the “tele-phone?”

          • Rick Schwarz says:

            Oh yes, it’s ever so wonderful ;0) No more of my fingers hurting from sending those long winded telegraph messages.

  40. Will says:

    i just found out about this show about three weeks ago. i saw every episode and i’m fucking pissed that it got cancelled. i’ve had a drinking problem for over 5 years and recently quit. this show made my day. so what, it’s only up to one douchebag on the adult swim team to decide whether DC stays on air or not? drinky crow needs to get back on AS or someone else needs to pick it up.. no wait, nevermind fuck that. no other network should pick it up. we can’t have sensors on something like this, it wouldn’t be the same. i wonder if AS would change their minds if i threatened to commit suicide. if they won’t bring it back. cause i’ll fuckin do it.. let them know tony. let them know that lives are going to be lost because of their stupid ass decisions. see you on the flipside adult swim, enjoy the lawsuit.

  41. Wallii says:

    So I’m definitely buying all of the Maakies books. Life changing material. But I was wondering… Do they contain ALL of the comic strips that have ever been released? I don’t want to miss a single strip. I love me some Maakies.

    • TonyMillion says:

      At this point to get them all you need Premilliennial Maakies Drinky Crow’s Maakies Treasury, The Maakies with the wrinkled knees and Little Maakies on the prairie.
      But I’m not sure if Wrinkled knees is in Treasury.
      Anyone know?

  42. Zach says:

    I have to admit, given the quality of [as]‘s original programming during the run of Drinky Crow (Minoriteam? Assy McGee? Do they give shows to anyone who asks?), I slept on the show for quite a while. After seeing an episode a while back (the Monkey God one, I believe) and enjoying it, I watched the rest of the series, and loved it.

    That being said, I must be the only person (judging by the comments) that’s kind of happy it was a one-off kind of thing. While another season or two would have definitely been nice, people (myself included) tend to appreciate short-lived shows more than others. I don’t know if you get too much hate mail, etc. for the show or not, but if you don’t, it’s probably because it lasted one season. It seems like shows with longer lifespans (like [as]‘s current lineup, which only really has Delocated and Superjail going for it) generate more hate, while shorter ones are seen as hidden gems. Arrested Development has a cult status with only 3 seasons, while you’d be hard-pressed to find a die-hard Simpsons fan who doesn’t think it jumped the shark years ago. To me, Drinky Crow seems destined for cult status, and it’s short run probably has a bit to do with that.

    Plus, if the show had really taken off, you’d get those “I watched Drinky Crow before it was cool” type of people, and nobody likes those.

    Anyway, I’d like to say that Drinky Crow’s one of the most surprisingly smart and funny shows I’ve seen and all that ego-feeding et cetera; I’m sure you’ve heard this all before. I’m definitely going to be checking out Maakies.

  43. Wartooth360 says:

    I have to ask this 1 question if you where to make s second season what would the 1st episode be about

  44. Wartooth360 says:

    I forgot the ? damn it

  45. Wiggly Stick says:

    I used to be depressed and never drank a day in my life. Now, after just watching Drinky Crow im drunk all the time! I dont even know if im depressed anymore. Seriously though, I have a complaint. I drink as much as Drinky crow and dont get nearly as much Poon thrown at me. Wassup with that!

  46. vorpalanvil says:

    Hey Tony, just wanted to thank you for the show. It introduced me to maakies. If I wasn’t a barely employed problem drinker I would certainly purchase the books.

  47. chris says:

    Really loved Drinky Crow show. Sad that prior sentence is past tense. I do have a Maakies t-shirt, however. But even if I run really fast the shirt only looks like a rotoscope version of the show.

  48. Communist Russian Vodka Pig says:

    “Pisses him self and passes out from allot of vodka”

  49. Wartooth says:

    Cancel King of The Hill and put Drinky Crow back on then I’ll be happy

  50. Wartooth says:

    @ Adult Swim

  51. Fuzzy says:

    you might clown alittle
    but i was wondering if theres anyway i could get ahold of the sound track??
    That beat/guitarsh thing in Beer Goggles was legit
    and i deff hear some potiental for a project..

    [please excuse myy spelling for i am fairly really drunk]

  52. is there any/any/any/any/ANYWAY you could just continue with a second season sans [as]??? I can only watch the first season over and over so many times before I get antsy… if you need someone to straighten Mike Lazzo out with a tire iron, get a hold of me.

  53. Infowun says:

    A sign of the utter crap that [as] are now showing. How Drinky Crow can be cancelled is beyond me.

  54. Brett says:

    This show is incredible. I bought it on iTunes a few years ago, and I’ve watched each episode about 20 times. This is great writing and art. This is better than every other show on adult swim. I can’t fathom how this failed to produce a second season. Even the finale was unbelievably great. I hate people for not buying it. I hate CN for not promoting it properly– the bastards. I found out about it by accident flipping channels one day. I said, “Hey that looks like maakies” and then the episode ended. I searched in vain to find when it would play again. Then I went to my computer and discovered I could download all the episodes on iTunes, and the rest is history. WHY CANT I HAVE MORE EPISODES DAMNIT! Where’s the booze?

  55. The Beast says:

    I want a DVD!!!! I love your work and REALY loved the show. I would jump on one of those DVD’s keep us posted…..


  56. MaakGruber says:

    Mr. Millionaire

    I did appreciate this show. It entered my life just as “Maakies” left the Chicago Reader – goddamn them!

    David Herman’s voice for Gabby sounds so much like his rendition of Jimmy Witchert on King of the Hill. That’s a good thing – unlike everyone else on this site, I’m a KOTH fan.

    If [as] was not so solely obsessed with capturing that youth market, could they ever do a cracked out modern version of Krazy Kat? Would they do it?

    A man can dream, can’t he?

  57. Toparaman says:

    Hey Tony Millionaire,

    I’ve been watching a few clips of Drinky Crow lately. I’m very surprised this show got cancelled so fast. It’s not too often you see a new cartoon with a very distinctive art-style, excellent voice-acting, and great writing.

    Have you considered going the on-demand route, via Netflix or some other service? I’m sure there’s a sizable audience for this show, as Adventure Time has a similar sense of humor (but in a kid-appropriate form), and that show is quite popular.

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your work.

  58. Dillon says:

    Dear Drinky Crow,
    I know you’re firmly lodged somewhere near Mr. Millionaire’s liver dooking his booze up. I want you to know you’re my hero, you get me through rough days and give me laughs when I try reading your oddly always blurry comics. I just turned 21 and have decided to live this year in your honor, Mr. Crow…dook on, brother.

  59. Psychoyoda2000 says:

    I work as a bartender in Washington, DC. After watching Drinky Crow when it originally aired, I found a bootleg of reasonably good quality on a bit torrent site. None of my customers had ever heard of it, so after playing a couple of episodes everyone at the bar was horrified. Then they asked me to keep showing more episodes. Brilliant. I very much look forward to more animation from you, Mr. Millionaire.

  60. George Delahoz says:

    For the first few years of Cartoon Network’s existence, programming meant for Cartoon Network would also be simulcast on TBS and/or TNT in order to increase the shows’ (and Cartoon Network’s) exposure; examples include The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, Cartoon Planet, and 2 Stupid Dogs.^

    Until next time

  61. Charles Oakey says:

    I, too, love Maakies and Drinky the Crow. I find it outrageous that you can’t make a DVD of Drinky the Crow. He is your creation. Actually I’m just pissed because I can’t get a DVD.

    It’s like “The Rutles.” You don’t know what’s out there. I have the DVD of their movie but then I find out their music is on what are called “bootleg CDs. Where do you find those?

    Good luck, Tony. Let me know if and when a DVD comes out. I will buy it.

  62. the Hippie Buddhist says:

    Mr. TM,

    I want to thank you for the great series of the Drinky Crow show. When I saw the first one the season was alomost over. Since then I have watched all the episodes on [AS] and enjoyed them all.

    I am now searching for a shirt and other memorabilia from the show.

    Cant wait for the next project from you.

    All the best to You.

  63. Nina Pat says:

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