These are some of the record covers I’ve done.


  1. TonyMillion says:

    I am for sale to do record covers. Reasonable rates depending on the situation.

  2. plague ship says:

    my goodness, the illustrious e.c. himself!
    i have a band, but we are merely poor drunks… but we have loved maakies for years…

  3. nukedog says:

    Hey Tony, this is a total shot in the dark, but I was wondering if you would paint a homicidal Drinky on a replacement fender for my truck. I would pay for all the shipping costs. Hit me up at if you’re interested.

  4. silverburr says:

    Tony, you should include your most recent one for The Donkeys. Helluva good one. If you’re dropping by SDCC this July will you sign it for my hubby?

  5. FredGarvin says:

    Have you ever made an album cover for anyone who makes better sounds than a wombat being ass raped with a fistfull of inch and three quarter roofing tacks? just curious

    • Iyashu Q'gm'r says:

      This reminded me of the very start of the great strip McGoogle Street where the star, Malcolm Frazzle, made a similar crack about Wayne Newton records -and was chased after by 3 Wayne Newton fans out for his blood , for about half the story ! It was wildly drawn and yet all tied together.

      It’s too bad Alan Stamaty went over to political satire and left the Village Voice. The Wiki let me down on this strip.

  6. BobFormerlyOfPortland says:

    The Morning Shakes. I love viewing The Morning Shakes.
    Somehow you turn a hangover into the funniest thing. And a whole lot of us sinners appreciate it. I’ve been seeing your illustrations in some pretty fancy pants east coast magazines. Congrats.

  7. Josh Carroll says:

    Nice work, Tony. I hope you do more… album covers by comics artists are usually among the most collectible, and now that the nerds and dorks have made vinyl popular again lord knows where it will end.

  8. Greg Mamone says:

    The They Might Be Giants cover is what first introduced me to your stuff. And you(Tony)’re tone of my biggest personal influences, and the reason I cartoon. So thanks John, John and Tony for bringing me the wondrous joys of drawing creeps and cretins.

  9. Ingrid Chiles says:

    Hey Tony, what are your rates like? I and my band are casting about for album artists. Thank you,

  10. Eric says:

    Surprised you haven’t done any Tom Waits albums. Seems like a natural fit.

    • diego h says:

      Holy crap I’ve never wanted to buy a product that didn’t exist more than I do right now. That would be more exciting than a car that ran off kitten farts and had ice cream exhaust.

  11. jdoucet says:

    Hmm , that last guy with the “LARD” necklace on, is he Jello Biafra?
    I once went to Cape Cod and bought a postcard depicting the summer homes of the Kennedys which I found rather tacky and posted it to a friend (afterwhich I immediately realized should have been sent to the Dead Kennedys instead…)

  12. john harms says:

    Chris Duffy suggested I contact you regarding album art. It may be a long shot, but if you would be interested in doing a cover for us please contact me. Thanks, John

  13. toms outlet says:

    Never tried wool – though love the effect, I have to say. The bunny looks just so cute in redwork, and I’m “ear”-marking the design for a diaper bag I plan to make soon. Do hope I’m a winner of the book !

  14. Dan says:

    Beautiful stuff!!

    Any chance of getting a 8 by10 or an 11×14 copy or print of one of your existing works? Love to have one hanging in my living room!!

  15. Kathy Laraway Decker says:

    Any objection to me getting a tattoo (reproduction) of the crow on Elvis Costello’s album, Secret, Profane & Sugarcane?

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