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  1. Mary


    Your work is awesome! I love the Grateful Dead cover. You drew our English Bulldog, Gwen. In fact, it was also part of our holiday card this year, and it received so many compliments. Thank you!!!

  2. Mike S


    Hi Tony, the Schooner Dragon thumbnail incorrectly links to the Sea Serpent pic

  3. Reply

    Always loved your work, for years. It stupidly never occurred to me to commission you for a drawing until your latest tweet. How much do you charge for a pet drawing (2 dogs) … whatever size (11×14?).

    No matter what, love your work, all the best!
    —John Sprengelmeyer (aka Captain RibMan)

  4. Alan


    Such a huge fan. I know you’re a deranged millionaire, or know one, so I appreciate the ability to purchase from you.

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  6. The Ben


    I just rewatched Drinky Crow after a couple of years, and introduced my boyfriend to it, MAAKIES helped shape much of who I am as a person (sorry heh) and I must say… I’ll probably be buying something from here soon for my new apartment. It needs art!

  7. maria


    I want one or two. What is the procedure. Please mail me. Could I get one of drinky crow and my uncle gabby on one of your great ships? Totally serious. Patron of fine arts here. I don’t,t get whyy you are not better known.

  8. John Beyer


    DRINKY CROW DRINKS AGAIN print. Want one, need one… What must I do?

  9. Reply

    I will save twenty “bucks” from my “thousand-a-month” pay stub until I have enough to purchase one of these fine items. See you in eight months! Fuck!

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