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Click on each image to see it larger. Here’s the complete George R. Binks (Star Wars) comic, colored by Jim Campbell:

Drinky Serpent 1200stars Billy 1 Naval Battle tumblr_midsyxwYFu1qz6f4bo1_1280 Starwarstales20 Serpent SM & Crow SEASIDE ROUND-UP Sea fightlow One more sea fight132 new serpent battle130 manhattan-map-zoom Maakies Brothers Circus jake Harlem-Renaissance-Map GRB 1_2 Encyclopaedia of Hell by Martin Olson Cover-400 bizarro-comics-1-0591 Ayun Haliday Locket Ayun Haliday Locket Closed 1084342382_521ab6852e 517UkJgYiPL 51A8HAAEYML 3c637bcea96441d87226e1a177f347a3

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  1. David


    A mainstay of a now-defunct Manhattan weekly, the exuberant nihilism of Drinky Crow will always remind me of pre-9/11 New York, and I will forever love him and his creator for the dark joy he brought my colleagues and me as we toiled at CBGB’s 313 Gallery.

  2. Reply

    Hi I am new to the world of Maakies but I am liking it. Some day when I have cash to spare I will purchase lots and lots of your stuff. Yes. Just try not to drink it all in one place. haha. oi.

  3. Reply

    I really like your stuff. Notable is the way the Billy Hazelnuts character (sans hazelnuts, with bats in head) calls to mind the Goya print Sleep of Reason.

  4. MtheMagnificent


    If that isn’t a pic of a shoggoth, I don’t know what is ! (Crucifixion scene in background).

  5. Millionaire


    You dopes can hire me for illustrations. I’ll do private commissions, commercial work, publication work, record covers, book covers.
    Whatever you boneheads come up with.

    • Pineygrrl


      I want a Jersey Devil, not much detail necessary because i would like to have it silk-screened onto a T-shirt. Possible or no?

    • Anonymous


      Now that your front page says your Maakies is dead except in books, do you still maakies whatevers for boneheads? Anonymous Boneheads still wanna know!

      Ps. perhaps less anonymously, though always piss perfectly anonymously: Yer WiKiPeDiA art ickle needs WERK! Sincerely, long-time casual strip reader, first time poster-here-er and about to make a minor edit on yer WP biography if I don’t pass out firster.

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