Some drawings for sale. This is the good stuff.

I won’t post prices, you’ll have to email me for them. It’s classy that way, see? Don’t be shy:

Click on the drawings so you can enlarge them and get a good look. All my drawings are pen and ink, on bristol board 300 series. Some are from the Adventure Time Enchiridion.

3 Bad-Smell 10407997_10153304533514582_4488644910793617657_n 6 Sword is my friend 12141599_10153661971512171_1030663651144950811_n How to Kiss a Princess 11. Witch anatomy 5Cautious hero Disgruntled readers Fighting Ghosts 11018881_10153661971772171_9006541324841811522_n 12112224_10153661904897171_425178692344524718_n 12115661_10153657163207171_1622091992213997347_n 12118958_10153660309312171_8763664449555377223_n